Time Travel being Theoretically Feasable – No

I am no scientist, and cannot make this article overly complicated, full of high brow definition and literary recitals of einsteins theorum, or any other scientist for that matter.

What I can provide is a more feasable explanation for my conclusion from a lamens view, more or less provided and intelectually funded by common sense, and my own idea of the concept of time.

Let us first discuss the circumstances that would need to exist in order for the lamens view on time travel to exist, and define what that lamens view is. My understanding of the most popular definition of time travel is the physical crossing between calendar times into the past or the future, which would be more similarly referenced by the movie “Back to the Future”. Of course that is a basic view, and I am aware that many scholars concede to that idea to be easily dismissed, but I wish to provide reasoning to my decision as to why I have come to my conclusion.

Now, with that in mind, let us look at how one could make that possible. How would we manage to physically travel back into time? First we need to create a formula to define bookmarks, bookmarks being each and every instance of the past and future. This formula will enable to device the ability to have full knowledge of every occurrence, for every individual, regardless of importance. Now of course, I do not believe it is reasonable for this device to have this input place by a person or some sort of physical chronicle of the world events as seen by the billions of residence. I do not know how this formula would calculate this information, I do not know of any matter on this planet which could be used to provide this type of information. If you could answer how we can extract memories from every individual then you can reasonable move to the next step. It is too simple to say I want to travel to October 12, 1983, but the real question is how would a machine know to travel to that exact time? What in our world makes that possible?

Yes, there are plenty of unknowns in the world, the black hole provides opportunities some speculate, but the black hole does not offer a solution to the definition of time travel I have put in place for this article, and travelling faster than the speed of light offers the solution to a different definition of time travel.

Ok, so we have established that the first step is to organize everything, because if we do not know where we are going then how can we even start to get there. I assume that you managed to come up with a way that we can extract the information needed for my machine to function. The next step is to figure out how that machine is going to use that information. Now, what if your answer was not a machine, maybe an anomaly, this is where the idea gets confusing, if not already, and I do not mean to make this much longer, but what anomaly would give us this opportunity? I do not know the answer to that, but hopefully I have raised a question that you feel the need to find the answer to.

Now, I have gone through all of that to end with this final paragraph, something that puts my article to rest, but unfortunately in no way provides a definitive answer. If there is time travel, something that allows us the opportunity to travel into our past and into the future, how will we ever know? The creation or discovery of a method to travel into the future and past would give us the opportunity to correct mistakes we as a race would have made, but yet we can still clearly point out mistakes in our past that would need to be rectified. Maybe those mistakes have been solved, now we no longer can remember them because they never happened. Perhaps in the future there are regulations set in place to prevent unauthorized time travel, who knows? My hope is to leave you as the reader with either more questions, or a solution or rebuttal to everything I have stated.

Due to the fact that there are many different ways that you can define “time travel”, please remember that I do not dismiss all definitions. I do in fact believe that there is a way to view a limited number of events, but in no way interfere.