Time and Change – Relative

I am of the notion that we live in a multiverse. The Big Bang only explains the beginning of our current universe and not whether or not it’s the first. If there is more than one universe, time can only be relative until the true starting point is found and a grander system is observed. If there is such a thing as infinity, there is no true starting point and time is relative. I believe those who claim otherwise are confusing “time” with “change”.

The system we call “time” didn’t exist until the pattern we call “change” was observed.

Time is simply how we measure intervals between events which happen in this universe. In other words, time is a tool we made to measure change.

The only reason we can’t comprehend an existence without time is that we live in a world of change and to be self aware is to distinguish. Even if you could “freeze frame” a moment in change, you wouldn’t notice because there would be no chance for recognition.

Change is the phenomena which when able to be observed, can be translated into a pattern which can then be made into a system. To say we are the only ones to ever make use of and label this pattern could be called naive.

Now I believe in the Big Bang theory, but I don’t understand how we can say there was no thing or time (change) before the Big Bang. Unless you think this universe is the only universe which would be very odd. If one can exist, all possible variables have potential to exist. This is true about any thing ever witnessed and at the same time every thing ever witnessed is unique.

Every snowflake, fingerprint, rock and tree is unique but there are an infinite amount of possible snowflakes, fingerprints, rocks and trees… Why would universes be so different than absolutely everything else?

Why would change or time be considered not to exist before our particular universes starting point? If there is more than one universe (which is most likely in my opinion) then obviously there was change before ours. It just may not have been named and it sure as heck wouldn’t have been named “Time”.

Just because our version of time didn’t exist doesn’t mean nothing was happening. If our universe was compressed into a singularity, that doesn’t mean that singularity wasn’t in a frenzy of activity or that it didn’t come from a cause we haven’t detected yet.

Even if everything stopped changing or moving, the potential for change and movement would continue to grow until it needed space to continue. I see it all as a fractal with the potential for the fractal to exist as the starting point and not the physical beginning of the pattern.

I see potential energy as being the true constant as nothing can predate its own potential to exist and there is no thing which isn’t energy or which doesn’t change.

Einstein was right about everything being relative, but the speed of light doesn’t seem to be a true constant as science has now found ways to manipulate it.

In vacuum creation, we learned that empty space doesn’t exist. As soon as all particles are taken away from a space, new particles appear out of what we call “nothing”. If new particles come out of it, it simply can’t be “nothing”.

Since energy can only be transformed and not created or destroyed, I must insist that what we call “empty space” (As in atoms being composed of 99.9% empty space) is actually a type of potential energy which just hasn’t been changed into a tangible form yet.

All of this leads me to believe that energy is infinite and that our system of time can only backtrack to our universes beginning and not the true beginning of everything.

Since our system of tracking change isn’t able to see past a certain point, it can only be relative.