Things that Make me Cry Easily

I cry in my heart everyday that, I focus on what’s going on in the world around me. I can’t hide from the world around me. I am sad that their are victims of all kinds. It saddens me that not all little children are loved, protected,fed,sheltered, loved, and clothed. Human trafficing aches my heart. I wish to be there to stop it all from happening. I feel sad to feel so powerless. Children and women are physically abused and sexual abused. I look at our government and they do not want to protect our precious unborn. Our government does not give our military the support and admiration that they deserve.

I am so sad that, christainity our founding religion is slowly dwindling away. The crime is uprising all the while. It saddens me beyond measure that I feel that our country is less patriotic. I cry that people no longer help their neighbors and no one can leave a door unlocked. I cry that our elderly are abused, used, neglected, and scammed for their little lot in life. I ache so deeply to know a baby is dumped like trash in a dumpster. There are so many that long for the chance to care for that life. It is a life wasted and destroyed by a selfish and cruel mind. I cry that i couldn’t be there to know to stop it.

It saddens me that animals are bred for the purpose of inhumanity and science experiments for people to play god. I toss at the fact someone is dying of hunger this very moment. Concentration camps still exhist in North korea it bothers my soul that no one will save them from being treated less than dogs for not worshipping an inhumane dictator. I cry deeply that brothels with women slaves exhist and are forced by fear to do acts unimaginable for men’s sick pleasure. I imagine the tears that hit their pillows as they cry to be loved by a family member they were taken far away from. It saddens me that their nightmare is a everyday dream that can’t be woken up from experiencing.

I don’t waste my time crying over a broke nail or a broken dish. To do so would be selfish. I cry for the people of the world around me. I cry that no one will wake up to unite and go forth to make changes for the sake of humanity. i cry that people’s possesions are of utmost importance in our lives. It should be people that are worth more than gold and souls that weigh more. I cry for a change!