The various Forms of Energy

On a little more of application levels I want to submit this idea to change the world for the better. The day seems to be coming when fossil fuels will actually be a thing of the past for Earth endeavors and be used only in space. The reason is because of the harmful effects of the fuels on the Atmosphere. Ways of returning the Earth to its original state before the ill effects by fossil fuels is both wanted and needed, to promote a healthy Earth… The uses of motors and engines for transportation seem to be the single largest producers of harmful gasses that progressively deteriorate the atmosphere on this Earth. The elimination of these gases or at least the rebalancing of gases to help the Earth recuperate from our machines is needed so much that decisions are at the highest levels of consideration by the people who run our world today. We may not have a world to run if we persist on this environmental abuse. Every paper and news cast is frequently mentioning the efforts put forth in resolving this problem, so we can continue to survive in this world. The suggestion I am about to present is something that needs to happen now.

Seems to me that we should, with our scientific expertise at solving the problems of the world, create a system that will produce energy so we can power our cities, and vehicles, ships, etc in a way non harmful to the environment.. Ok these two obstacles have to be accomplished by not including capitalism and money making schemes. In other words we need to do it because it needs to be done no matter what the cost or we all loose. It is now time to save our selves like an alcoholic trying to escape the inevitable consequences of self abuse for fifty years. Not taking away from other sources such as solar power, and wind machine, which rate high with me, let’s talk about magnetism, briefly.

First off, an engine powered by magnetic flux is a good way to start. The engine must be able to be propelled at varying degrees of torque depending on the need of the application. IE: For a motor vehicle certain needs exist to propel the vehicle down the road, and like wise a ceiling fan will not use as much force. Magnetic flux is for practical purposes, inexhaustible, creating no harmful fumes to the environment and can be placed in any application needing a moving engine, for operation. It really is so simple. The flux can be manipulated in the one moving part to propel an engine at varying degrees, for different applications. Of course a larger engine can be used to fulfill the requirements of a more powerful need. Also the magnets can be created with varying amounts of flux intensity, so that smaller applications with greater power can be achieved, and the rule of diminishing returns can be circumvented.

We have the materials we need now to make a difference, by creating engines. If we spend our time trying to figure out how we can capitalize on making money, while we make it, it will be our down fall. Weigh the real cost! We will be ale to drive anywhere in the world and fly, and travel with inexhaustible, non-harmful gas creating engines. Think about it, how nice would it be to get into a vehicle and never have to plug it in or put gas in it? We have the capabilities to do that now? Why don’t we do it?

We can proceed with this machine propelling us into a new age. This would not replace the hot gasses on the earth that have accumulated but instead it would give the earth a chance to replenish the gasses that exist now, and would be a major contributor to the other great ideas to save the atmosphere. The engine produces no exhaust and uses only magnetic flux, a clean harmless source, to run. That’s a big start.

How can we do this you ask? Run that by once more! Well if an engine is made using magnets as the sole source of thrust, then it can be used for the life of the vehicle. We can create a small engine for a ceiling fan, an air conditioner in house, a generator for a house, using magnetic flux engines, and use them for energy, all without the help of City services for electricity, and the people who have worked so hard for so long will enjoy the freeing up of the money they spent in the past on these items which will impact spending in all areas of the world. Hmmm?

General theories and specific plans for the type of free wheeling engine being mentioned are on paper. For a copy of such plans you may email me. It is free as the energy it produces. I am almost certain that this has been thought of by others but I can only wonder why it isn’t being used by the world as of this date. Certainly government mandates to use this type of system would generate new understandings of fossil fuel retirement and make the world a better place environmentally.

Build the engines and use them in every application of things that use energy now, and watch the world change for the better.

There are many ideas on how to help the Earth recuperate, this is mine and I firmly believe this would be a good step in the right direction.