The Strangest Recent Scientific Discoveries

Strange Discovery. Imagine this: waking up one morning, you walk out to get the early paper. Looking up, suddenly you see at least 25 Mammoths surrounding you. Twenty-five gigantic Mammoths, walking around, splashing in the lake, taking care of their young.

Now, wouldn’t that be incredible? Years ago, something similar to this did happen. What happened?

Watching the news over this past week-end, a remarkable discovery was made in our great and large state of Texas. More directly this discovery was made near Waco, Texas.

Over the years, several different species have been found in archaeological digs. Most likely, from coast-to-coast.

The tar pits gave up some of these animals from times past. It seems so amazing that these animals once roamed our lands. Places we walk on today. Finding items such as arrowheads and leaves or insects embedded in rocks is not much of a surprise.

Dinosaurs of different types have left their bones for posterity. One or two here or there has not been very revealing.

One of the large giants that has always been so interesting is the Mammoth. Seeing these animals depicted on television seems almost unreal.

Mammoths have been found in various locations for years now. Sometimes more than one in an area. To have the excitement of finding one of these now-extinct giants would be so unbelievable.

In Texas, people have found what must be an unbelievably large archaeological sight of Mammoths. Such an exciting event! Discovering something previously unknown to man, well, in the time of printed words, anyway. Possibly some Indians or others might have already seen this sight.

These people have found at least twenty-five of these large animals. This is one of the strangest recent scientific discoveries in the United States.

Apparently there was a large mud-slide. This is easy to believe considering the amount of flooding Texas has had this year alone.

There was some kind of wall of mud. These scientists have reported they could tell by the way the mammoths lay, they had tried to push the little ones over the top of the mud. The love of these large animals for their young is so touching. Trying so hard to save their precious little ones.

That is amazing. The love of those giant Mammoths for their young. They were trying to save their little ones, past worrying about themselves.

They were trying to save the little ones, and their own future of Mammoths. Were these the last ones? Maybe someday we will know. Would things have been different for them if they had not been so close together? Perhaps they had been moving, and came upon the water and had great thirst, and to relieve the thirst, they gathered in a what must have been huge crowd of Mammoths, not thinking of the danger that could have been avoided, just possibly.

What a sight: a great large herd of Mammoths. Can you see them?

I’m not a geologist or archaeologist, but I would greatly enjoy visiting this sight. If you know someone in this field, maybe you can direct them to Waco, Texas.