The Strangest Recent Scientific Discoveries

The strangest recent scientific discovery, in my opinion, is the “self-cooling can” made by Tempra. This self-cooling can drops to a minimum of 30 degrees Fahrenheit and will be introduced by (enter drum roll please) Miller.

This self-cooling effect occurs when the heat is pulled from your beverage (in Miller’s case the beer)by using “a natural desiccant (drying agent), through a water gel coated evaporator, and into an insulated heat-sink container, once an internal vacuum-seal has been broken.” It will be interesting to see how Miller will compensate for this technology at the cash register.

Although this scientific discovery may seem a bit unorthodox and at first glance a waste of money, time and intelligence, it may prove to be a great advancement in the field of medicine. For instance, insulin needs to be kept at a certain refrigerated temperature as well as many other medicines such as the ever-common amoxicillin. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this type of technology could be transferred over to the medical field? Can you imagine not having to worry if your medicine is kept cool enough when traveling or enjoying a day at the park? The sky is the limit on this one.

Miller may want to add a free a “cozy” on the beer cans so your hands don’t freeze or maybe even special beer drinking mittens.