The Standa – No

I will take this problem by two approaches, Physical and Mathemamatical.

But, Before proceed, there are two assumptions require consensus.
Those are possible and impossible.

Possible – There is a physical answer to satisfy the equation.
Impossible – There is no physical answer to satisfy the equation.

Now, I am ready to embark on solving the problem.

1) Physical Approach
The theory of division arises when demand more than supply, concernng fairness to all the
demand with supply constraint, the solution is to distribute equal share to each demand.
Therefore, if there is no demand, there is no establishment of any sort.

It is like a huge huge piece of land in the middle of Afica Jungle and a foot print of
area in the prime of New York.

The Answer is Impossible, or undefine or unestablish, ok, ok whatever I said it means No.

2) Mathematical Approach
Let’s assume the possible answer to the equation be Anyuthing at this moment

so (1 /0) = Anything
1 = Anything * 0
At this stage, let me adopt standard mathematical answer for Anything * 0 = 0 (May be
debatable also)
therefore, 1 = 0 (unestablish)

Upon reaching this stage, I am confuse and puzzle, the equality has turned into inequality.

Ok, no problem, let’s make the equation equal by a little massaging, Since anything
multiply zero equal zero, let’s make left hand side equal to zero by multipling both side
by zero.

Finally, answer is 0 = 0

Somehow, 1 and anything has evoporated without a trace.

The answer is again No.

Frankly, personally I still prefer the physical way of solving this problem, it sounds real to me at least.

Issue 1
In the Physical approach, I have applied a little theory in Logical Thinking, Simple Mathematical Division Theorem, suprisingly a liittle supply and demand from Economics. All of us know very weell that numbers appear much earlier than economics, it is quite illogically confusing in a sense that we are reversing the sequence of event by appling something happen later to answer for something has happened earlier.

Issue 2
Since early school, I have been taught that anything divides by zero the answer is infinity.
I have no problem with that answer, it is perfectly alright. What set up my confusion is which way does it goes ? Infinity large or Infinity small. Teacher used to say either.

I would not buy that piece of land in the middle of Afica with a infinity large price tag on it, no way, at least not before Coca-Cola and MacDonalds has put their foot on it.

Anyway, just my opinion.