The River Poetry Nature Lessons 1h2o

When asking what lessons can we learn from “the river”, “the river” is seen as a contributing member of our society. A liquid body of life, that moves with the wind, that contains other life, a water world, a world of water. A peaceful part of our society, with the sounds of trees and leaves, birds and bees, children and campers, boats and bears. The lessons we then can learn from “the river” are taught in fresh air, by our nature that does care, our lessons:

+”The River” flows, and if interrupted, it backs up. Like emotions it overflows.

+If polluted, the very water that gives and sustains life, can also take life, poison traps of death and disease. Like our relationships “The River” is loving and kind or hurting, and a lot in between.

+If you don’t visit “The River” you will not know it. Like getting to know someone you must spend time.

+The weather impacts “The River”, the currents change, the tides increase and decrease, the levels recede, ripples and circles with rain drops and show falls. Like our external world, moods, emotions, attitudes sometimes change.

+The seasons change how “The River” looks. Dark blue, light blue, gray, green water colors. From sunlight and algae, from wind and dirt, the seasons change how “The River” looks. Like our clothes of color, we change them with the seasons.

+Nature gives beautiful scenery to “The River”. Trees and bushes, grass and weeds, flowers wild and tame, if you don’t visit “The River”, you will not know it.

+Even when you are in the way, “The River” goes under you, if submerged-over you, around you and if you have holes, through you. Like motivation, it moves us.

+”The River” exists all over the world, different names, different habitats, different species according to the environment. Like humanity.

+”The River” can dry up, so preserve it. It can go away, so enjoy it. It can be harsh, so be careful. Like our world.

+”The River can carry disease and must be tested. Like our bodies.

+A part of “The River” can be taken home with us, water, plants, insects, rocks, shells. The heart of “The River” remains. We touch everyone we meet.

+”The River” gives float to recreational boats. “The River” gives funds to our economy-the shipping industry. “The River” is giving. Like our human charity.

The resounding lessons we learn from “The River”, like our mirrors, there is always reflection. Time spent, at “The River”.