The next Generation Space Propulsion System consider Thisin Light

We need something that is easy to maneuver. It’s called a Time Machine. It must at least travel at 6 x Earth’s Given Time. For every six days man would take to travel in, we would take one for the same distance. The Distance is then derived from the Given Speed of Earth days that man would take to travel in 6 days: traveling at 24 hours non stop around the clock.

EG. At only 100 km.. per hour. X 24 = 2,400 km. per Earth day. X 6 = 14,400 km. Per Our Day.
This is the Given Unit, the Sum Total of Given Distance in Time, in One Unit.
Answer = 14,400 km. Transversed in 24 Hours of earth Given Time, at 100 km. Per hour only!

The Circumference at the Earth’s Equator is +- 40,075 km. At this Specific Speed in Time this would measure just over 2 and a half times round the world in 24 hours at 100 km. per hour!
In Fact..Consider this…in Light.
Distance = Time to Transverse
Speed = .Energy required to Transverse.
One Solar Day = 1 Revolution of Time.
One Solar Day = 1 Revolution of Time. (ie. Earth’s Time.)
This is the Given Specific Speed, which remains unaltered with Time. Thus the Energy generated
is Light Wave.
The Distance Transversed in One Day of Our Given Time.

We cannot allow man to travel further than within his own given Solar System… Until… he has gained his stripes. Universal Law means the Energy you only term as a word, which we term as an Energy Force. It is Love. It too has a Positive and a Negative Pole. You have known also of Hate. Universal Love means to Love your neighbor as yourself….100% It is Man, who has used this Law as only in is terms, Religious. It is a Truth.

Thus his Radius of Time Travel is given only within that of his own Given Field. Further than that he cannot go. The answer is very simple. In his own given speech termed Air Force, he has not yet earned his Wings!

Now that you have been briefed only to these Specifics, who amongst you will help build your Space Ark? If any amongst you believe this not to be true, then you have not the knowledge to look further into the facts. For right now Man is polluting the very Air Waves he needs to even get him off the ground! That is, his own Atmospherics. You cannot reach for the Stars if you only leave your people to die on your own Planet. Nor can you reach the Stars beyond your own given Space without knowledge beyond your still primitive, Thunder Birds.

I leave you with this to see for yourselves, your own Specifics. Only then will you see Ours in the Light of the Speed we have given to you here. This, is your Next Generation Propulsion System.