The Likelyhood of Alien Abduction

Many people ask questions like, “Are there aliens?”  or “Is it possible to get abducted by aliens?” or even “Is it possible that aliens exist?” . The answer, which comes as a surprise to many, is that it is possible that aliens exist, and even might abduct you.

The most likely thing to happen, however, is that you won’t get abducted by aliens. For one reason, if there are aliens out there, they are very, very far away. This is coupled with the fact that conditions for life to form on any planet are stringent, and unavoidable. Playing on both of these facts, you can come to the resounding solution that if there are aliens, they are far away, and, as a result, must have extremely advanced technology to get to Earth.

After arriving on Earth, there comes the not-so-small question of abduction. The first thing to consider is whether or not the aliens are a scientifically inclined people. Based on the fact that they got to Earth in this scenario, you can say yes to this. The second thing to consider is if they are willing to do experiments on sentient beings or not. For the sake of argument, you could say that they are. Lastly, you must ask if they brought their equipment with them. Again, for the sake of argument, you could assume they did not.

As you can likely already see, it takes many circumstances to coincide in order to produce a scenario that makes anyone get abducted. As was previously mentioned, you could assume that the aliens did not bring portable lab equipment to test human subjects, so that they must abduct a human and bring them to their planet, resulting in said “abduction”.

Since said aliens did not bring equipment, they must take you to their planet. This brings up the question of how fast the ship is, as how far away their planet is. Humans, according to probability, cannot survive being frozen, so the planet must be close enough and the ship fast enough that you wouldn’t have to be cryogenically stored. After everything is said and done, you have arrived on the planet, and have been abducted.

In the end, it is clear that, while it is possible, it is very unlikely that you will get abducted by aliens. For those who like numbers, it is one trillion times more likely that you will get struck by lightning than abducted by aliens. As a recap, the aliens must be far away, but not too far, must be technologically advanced, scientifically inclined, not morally inclined, must have not brought equipment, and, quite frankly, must exist in order to abduct any human. So, in conclusion, if you know anybody who got struck by lightning a trillion times in their lifetime, you very likely also know someone who has been abducted by aliens.