The Importance of Organically Grown Food

The importance of organically grown food is that it not only helps to sustain your body and mind but it helps to improve the environment. Organically grown food has been prov-en to have more nutritional value and makes the worlds food supply more sustainable for are future. At the current rate the worlds soil is being stripped and poisoned by commercially grown produce and the chemicals being sprayed on them. To top this off it has been shown that the chemicals that commercial produce companies spray on there foods to kill or deter pest may have the same effects on are own physiology’s.

The world today cannot afford to keep these irrational behaviors of destroying are bodies and ruining are top soil. The truth about organically grown food is that its quality tends to be better and the amount of viatamins it provides for our bodies are more plentiful then the same foods in the commercially grown brands. Organically grown food is also important because it brings are farmers ability to farm back to the most basic level which is actually knowing whats going on with their produce and not depending on fast fixes and chemical. This one thing will help us as a society to finally force people to realize that the price of having clean drinking water free from chemical run off and the special nurturing that is required by organic farmers is truly a labor of love .

Looking back at us as the individuals who inhabit this planets its kind of ironic that we as a society are coming full circle and going back to where we started which is using are hands to take care of our earth in a productive way. Organically grown food have probably the highest level of importance in this world today not only because we are more aware of the foods we put in are bodies but how they also touch are world and are lives in so many different ways.

The entire sphere of our human society would be a far better place if we would all transition and demand through are government officials that they pass legislature to help the transition back to organically grown foods. Once this is achieved you will see are longevity as a society increase and the health related issues we have decrease overall. In my personal life I have seen that my children have not been as sick throughout the year and that my own health has improved drastically.

The facts are in front of are eyes but if you keep your eyes closed you will never realize the importance of organically grown foods.