The Importance of Developing a Healthy Relationship with yourself first

There is a duo relationship between you and yourself. There is the emotional view of who you are and there is the literal physical self. No matter what conditions that you have been gifted or inflicted with, there is always a way to think positive and maintain a healthy physical body. This is done by constantly improving your weaknesses and being confident with your strengths by building a positive relationship with yourself.

It is just you out there. Faith can be a part of this also, but no one can quite understand your faith and your views quite the same way you can. You have your own goals, your own ambitions, and your own life to take care of. Of course there is family and friends as well as haters and enemies, but before managing these things you must first build up thy self. If you are not built up in who you are the words of those who love you and hate you are meaningless.

First you must build up self confidence. Know that you are really good and interested in specific things. If you have a hobby you enjoy or are really good with a certain subject don’t be afraid to share and teach that. If you love gardening and are really good at it share your knowledge with others. If you are miserable with numbers be aware that math is not your strong subject and be willing to ask questions when you are struggling with subjects you may not be strong in.

You don’t have to be physically strong to be good at something. Steven Hawkings is physically disabled but he is continually compared to Einstein and other great scientists. If he was unhappy with his body he would not continue to pursue his interest in science afraid that someone would judge him. And he approaches life with a positive attitude.

But for many people bodies become a large burden upon us. We continually look over it and judge it. Sometimes when a person feels inadequate with their body they give up on taking care of it. And then they become more disappointed with what they physically are. So keeping well dressed, fed, and exercised can increase the positive perception of yourself. Don’t forget how important it is to keep physically healthy.

After you build up yourself you can effectively communicate your ideas with others even when they disagree. If you keep a positive attitude and self image, people will perceive you as level headed and that will only resonate your self confidence and the positive relationship you have built with yourself.