The Importance of first Impressions

Attitude is not something that I control very well. I have the opportunity almost everyday to change the way I react curveballs in life but, for some reason I do not care at the moment what my attitude is going to make people think of me. I realize that “life is 10% what happens to me and 90% the way in which I react to it.”

– –

I have heard that in life you only have one chance to make a good first impression. But I don’t know if that statement has any relevance in human to human relationships. I mean, I know the fact of the statement is true. But, do first impressions make that big of a deal? Is one bad episode going to effect the relationship between two people for the rest of their lives?

Lets say that two people did not for whatever reason, get off on the right foot. And as time went on, things evened out and the two saw eachother in the light that they wish to represent. Then that first impression is gone and most likley forgotten about. Most likley it would be forgotten after the second or third encounter.

On the other hand, lets say that the bad first impression is not followed up by positive experiences. Most likley at this point both people are not going to be exactly friends in the future. But is it going to be because there was a bad first impression or because of numurous occasions in which eachother were less than thrilled with eachother? Maybe they just do not get along in general.

The only way in which I believe that someone who disagreed with me would think, is that the first impression would detere someone from even giving the other a second chance. In that case I guess the first impression must have been so horrific that it would not have made a difference if it was the first impression or not.

Sometimes people just want to create cheesy lines that they think would sound good in the movie of their life, but they just do not always pan out.