The History of Palomar Observatory

The Palomar Observatory is an astronomical research center that is located in the state of California in the county of San Diego. This is a world-class center that attracts people from all regions of the world. It has quite a long history behind it as well. The history of the Palomar Observatory dates back to the early 1900s. In 1908 a 60 inch telescope was completed at this center and it was known to be the largest telescope in the world. This provided many astronomers the ability to see far distant objects. This telescope was the first one used to measure the size of the Milky Way. The Palomar Observatory has provided many opportunities for astronomers and individual to learn about our galaxy.

In 1917, a 100 inch telescope was completed at this observatory. It was able to deliver much more fine details about the solar system. In 1928, a 200 inch telescope was completed at the observatory. In 1929, a telescope was completed and designed for taking photos of larger regions of the sky. These telescopes made it possible to learn and educate people about the Milky Way. It was in 1941 that the telescope production was halted because many of the professionals wer assigned to the war related projects. Telescope production did not begin again until after the war. It resumed in September of 1945. Initial imaging results are an important factor when building a telescope and it takes about two years to polish, align, and adjust the mirror.

In 1948, a dedication ceremony took place and over 1000 people attended. Dignitaries from around the world also attended. This is when the 200 inch telescope was dedicated. In 1948, a 48 inch telescope was completed and this telescope was the first one to have a light on it. These telescopes were made available for the astronomers to use full-time in the year of 1949. The observatory is an excellent place to visit on vacation with children and adults both. It provides an excellent educational experiencve for all. It is open everyday except for major holidays. Weather conditions may cause it to close temporarily. This is because it is located in a mountain environment. Ice, wind and fog can cause it to temporarily close. The observatory also has a gift shop for those who would like to purchase a keepsake for memories. Guided tours are not available, but maybe in the near future they will be available.