History of the Lick Observatory

The Lick Observatory is an astronomical research center that is located in the state of California. It has a long history that dates back to 1888. Today, it is a world-class research center that attracts people from all regions of the world to explore and learn about the Milky Way. This center is located on Mt. Hamilton. This area spans a 4200 ft. summit. Many artifacts that pertain to the observatory’s history remain on the mountain. In 2008, a Historical Collections Project began to preserve the artifacts. James Lick was the man who was responsible for the construction of the observatory and the observatory was named after him. Lick and his friend George Davidson talked about building the observatory.

The two close friends both discussed astronomy, planets and the moon. That is why Lick gave his fortune to create a telescope that was more powerful than any other telescope made. It was his fortune that built the observatory. The Lick Observatory was built at the beginning of the new astronomy era. Since the observatory was founded, it has gained a large collerction of fossil records about the evolution of observational astronomy. These fossils became very valuable teaching tools. Mnay instruments that have been identified at the observatory were made by legendary instrument makers. Handwritten observing logs that have a history since the observatory was founded are still located at the observatory today.

The Lick Observatory also has a picture gallery that attractys many visitors. Sometimes the observatory closes due to harsh weather conditions. Computing facilities are available for observing visitors. Astronomical calendars are also available. This observatory is open to the public. It is an excellent place to visit if you are interested in learning more about the solar system. This observatory is open to accepting donations for astronomy research worldwide. This observatory has a long history of partnership with the Bay Area Philanthropists. Maps and driving directions can be provided to visitors who are interested in visiting the observatory. Staff employment and acedemic employment opportunities are available as well. There is a visitor’s center that is located at the observatory for visitors seeking information. Many exciting events take place for visitirs at the observatory throughout the year. Some of these entertaining events include music, concerts, summer programs and more. When you visit the observatory, you and your family will enjoy learning about it’s history, instruments, exhibits and more.