The High School Math Club why its not just for Nerds

Almost any club in high school can be tagged with a negative label. Honors societies, FFA, FBLA, math clubs, and science clubs have all proved helpful to their members regardless of the possible labels.

Just belonging to clubs is a valid and valuable part of the high school experience. You will learn about leading small groups of people. Most clubs require a measure of team work to function. It is also a place for people with some common interests to become better acquainted and form friendships.

Clubs usually have events or conventions or community service projects for students to attend and participate in. These are all positive experiences for young people. For teens with limited social exposure, this may be their only real opportunities to experience a measure of travel or service.

Colleges like to see club involvement and activities on applications. Some employers look for this, too. This furnishes a way to become better acquainted with teachers who sponsor these clubs. It provides these teachers with more information to put on your letters of reference should you need them.

Math clubs can be educational also with math competitions and fairs. These clubs will encourage students to learn the material deeper and perhaps even learn ways to innovate. Some math clubs even push member to become tutors. This is not only rewarding but can sometimes be profitable.