Best Math Colleges and Universites

There are a vast majority of colleges and universities out in the education field. While some cater to a wide variety of fields, some specialize in certain individual fields. One example of a specific field would be mathematics. Even in schools that cater to many fields, there are some where mathematics is the one that outshines the rest. For someone interested in the mathematics field or for someone who wants to achieve a math major, these types of schools would be the best to apply for. But what exactly are some of these schools that are beneficial for a mathematics education?

One would be Harvard University. Harvard is not only a prestigious Ivy League school, but it is also known for its great mathematics department. This department is located in the Science Center on campus. It offers a wide number of select math courses, such as Introduction to Calculus, Linear Algebra, Advanced Real Analysis, and many more. With this range of courses, students can be sure to find a class that suits their needs and expect to receive a great learning experience as well.

Another school that excels in mathematics is Princeton University. Also an Ivy League school, this school offers many classes to choose from. And due to the abundance of faculty and teachers, class sizes are reduced. This in turn gives a better and more personalized learning experience in the classroom. The types of classes that can be chosen include, but are not limited to, Multivariable Calculus, Combinatorial Math, Topology, and others.

Yet another great school for mathematics is the University of Calfornia Berkeley, also know as UC Berkeley. This school claims to have one of the best mathematics libraries in the nation, with students from all over the world registering for their mathematics department. The school’s location also seems to be an added bonus, as it is apparent that the school’s location is a center for mathematics teaching and research conducting. Classes include, but are not limited to, Probability Theory, Complex Analysis, Matrix Computations, and more.

These are just a few of the many schools that are fabulous in their mathematics departments. Others that are known to be top math schools include the University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. Getting into any of these or the previously mentioned schools will be sure to give you a mathematical learning experience that you will find to be amazing. Good luck!