The best Colleges and Universities for Mathematics Education

What are the best universities/colleges for a Math program/degree? The answer is: there are many. Amongst the excellent institutions you will find that offer a Math degree are:Harvey Mudd, MIT, Harvard, University of California at Berkeley and UCLA If you are looking for a less selective choice,there is RIT and RPI.

Rensselaer’s (RPI) program has four options: the traditional Math degree, Applied Math, Mathematics of Computation and Mathematics of Operational Research. RPI’s traditional Math program offers elements of both pure Math and those of Applied Math applications. There Applied Math program studies and analyzes math problems related to models and physical phenomena. The Mathematics of Computation emphasis math and computer science and possibly engineering and their Mathematics of Operational Research brings together computers, management and engineering.

Harvey Mudd offers three math programs: a math major, a math and computer science major and and a math and biology major. The math/computer science major offers interdisciplinary connections between math and computers while the math/science major focuses on such things as Genomics, genetics, neurobiology and other forms of research.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers general math, Applied Math, Computational Math and Math/Computer Science. MIT’s Math program is said to be one of the strongest in the world. It encompasses not only traditional math but math related to computers, biology and physics. The general program is good for a student who wants to design their own degree program.

Harvard offers Applied Math with specializations in such fields as Biological and Chemical sciences, Computer science, Economics, Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering and Statistics.

UCLA offers many math programs including:math, Applied Math, Math for teachers, Math for Computation, and Math with Economics or with Atmospheric Science and Oceanic Studies. Students in the Math/Atmospheric Science program usually enter post graduate study before entering the work force in Academia, the Air Force, the National Weather Service or Department of Energy.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) offers Applied Math and Applied Statistics. Graduates of the Applied Math program are prepared for careers in Business, Economics and the engineering field. Graduates of the Applied Statistics program can work in Actuary Science, marketing,product design and quality control.

University of California, Berkeley offers degrees in math, math with a teaching concentration, and Applied Math. All of these majors help students to learn logically thinking and problem solving skills that can be used to solve real world problems.