The Great Illusion of Man

Is hope really an illusion? Sure, we can’t see hope, we can’t feel hope, and I dare you to prove what exactly it is. Hope is what keeps us going every day, and the thing that keeps us believing that one day things will get better for us when we are in our darkest hours.

Hope is like dark matter. We can’t see it, and we can’t really prove what it is exactly. Fact is, we know it exists though, because without it, what would be keeping the universe in check? Just like we don’t know what dark matter is, we don’t really know what hope is, but we know that it is out there, because hope is what keeps the bleakness of our current circumstances in check.

I struggle every month to pay my bills, but I know that one day I will have a job, and be able to support myself. Without the hope for the future, I don’t think that life would be worth living. It would be the same struggle everyday, and there would be no light at the end of the tunnel.

It would be like waking up some January morning, with the snow coming down really hard, and the temperature is five degrees below zero. The only thing that gets me through it is knowing that the weather forecast says that in two days it will be fifty degrees, and sunny.

Imagine though, that you didn’t have that forecast for the future. Would you still get up and go to work? Or would you just give up because it seems like it was never going to get warm again? Sure, we don’t always have a forecast in life, but in some ways we can predict our own futures. We can plan for better days by doing things today, when our life is cold and snowy, and we never think the sun will shine again.

I watch Buffalo Bills football not because we win every year, but the fact that every year we get to start at 0-0, just like everyone else. We may finish weak, but every April we get to draft new players, and face a new schedule. It keeps us coming back, that hopefully now that things have changed, the outcome may be different.

That is like life, sometimes if we can just change how we look at things, or how we do things, that even if the result is the same, we have some sort of hope that maybe they will change. We don’t spend all day in the doldrums, we get up, and go out and change our future, or at least try to make a better life for ourselves.

Without hope, there is nothing. Without hope there is no reason to get out of bed every day, and go out and see what is out there for us. If we can’t hope, we can’t dream, and if we can’t dream, why live?