Illusions and hope

What is an illusion: a living picture show of your desires, an image of our goals, an illustration of our temptation, foresight or procrastinations, wishful thinking or the capability to plan ahead, visions of changing rules, regulations, or habits?

Illusions for each and everyone have different faces; they are triggered by the intentions of a personality and received by different faculties of the brain. Illusions empower the body to act. And this comes along with the hope to fulfill the desires.But how long does the power of illusions last, when does it cease? Will we be successful or will we fail? Latest when we fail to reach our goals we will ask the why questions.

When I was ask, what empowers you? I promptly answered my illusions.

One of my strong illusions was to find an exciting profession that never will become a bore?

I used all my energy to reach my goal. I had an exciting profession. But after some years, routine replaced excitement and creativity ceased; I was bored out of my mind.

Slowly it dawned to me that there must be more than the power of my illusion that made me develop talents I had never thought of and let me feel excitement with each new task.

How do I keep myself warm when the fire has gone out? Did I overlook something? Or better, should I forget all about and drop the matter and get a more promising illusion?

It had to become worst until I understood more. I lost my job.

So in fact I should have been happy and followed another line of action. But I wished nothing more than returning to my profession – in my mind still the same illusion but powerless.

What could awake creativity and excitement again; end this distressing period or at least give me hope for betterment.

But at the same time I had a gut feeling – I felt the lack of meaning in my professional life – wished it to be part of my whole life – thought of contributing to the well being of the society. I had to change the image of my illusion; extend it by adding meaning as my overall intention. Suddenly the loss of excitement seemed to play a secondary role and boredom was dropped for the search of meaning.

This might look like tagging illusions and hope with spirituality. It may be so for some of us, for others it might be something more profane. As long as something liberates someone from a desperate or disappointing situation, a limited view, or a fixation we might call it God, Allah, Chi, meaning, hope or even name it cotton wool, as the theologian Paul Tillich proposes, as long as it is a metaphor on the way to meaning.

We can’t live without illusion, because we wouldn’t grow. We can’t afford the fulfillment of all our illusions, as long as they still have to serve as eye openers on our way to meaning.