The Facts about the Earth Energy Grid

The Earth’s energy grid. It’s a term that gets used in many ways. Lately, it brings to mind that we’ve always been a part of this living environment called Gaia, but somehow, along the way, we’ve lost much of what we once knew. Long ago, we were closer to the land, to nature and to ourselves.

Does the energy grid exist? Of course it does. How we interact with it may be up for discussion, but the Earth’s energy grid definitely exists. It has been around us; it still is and always will be.

The truth has always been out there, albeit, maybe in different forms of understanding. For example, ancient Norse legend depicted the Valkyrie riding forth across the sky on errands for their war god Odin. The light flickering from their armor created the Northern Lights or what is now called the Aurora Borealis. Similarly, in the 1800s, Michael Faraday discovered that a moving electrical conductor will create a magnetic field, and vice versa. Highly charged particles, such as those coming from the solar wind, will interact with the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and viola, we have the energy in action, producing the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Lights. Different understandings, same basic truth, intriguing isn’t it? We learn new things about science all the time. Image the wonders that we don’t know of right now, but only have tantalizing hints to capture our imagination.

Our atmosphere is charged with energy, but the Earth also has a local energy field as well. The crust of the Earth is amazingly thin compared to the enormous amounts of hot magma below it. The magma is moving, electrically charged and energetic, and, because it’s also so large, it can have a significant magnetic field associated with it. This magnetic field can pass through the layer of the Earth’s crust and manifest itself as an electrical charge on a specific spot on the surface. Since the crust is not uniformly thick, it stands to reason that not all areas will experience the same electromagnetic interaction. Some places will have more, some less, and also, certain areas of the crust have higher amounts of conductive metal within them, thereby enhancing the effect. To sum it up, moving magma, beneath a sometimes thin or electrically conductive crust, can create a magnetic field that manifests as an electrical current on the Earth.

That’s the energy grid on a purely Earth Science basis. But there’s more to life than science.

Historically, early man was closer to nature, the seasons and the Earth. Life depended upon a working knowledge of these things. There was possibly something more to it than we realize. Neolithic sites, with huge stones arranged in various patterns, were made for a reason beyond star-gazing; they helped to connect the ancient people to a way of life that seems a complete mystery to us.

And mysteries abound. Energy is all about us. The Earth has this energy. It appears in the Aurora Borealis. It also appears in manmade structures. Chinese Feng Shui has been in practice for about 6000 years. Some of its earliest uses relied upon astronomy to find a connection between humans and the universe around them, nowadays, it has been become popularized for orienting buildings and offices to produce a harmonious interaction with the natural world. But the ultimate connection between mankind and the universe, the energy that connects us all, has been sought after for the longest time by scientists, mystics and holy men.

How this energy manifests is often the subject of great mystery in itself. For instance, many theories abound about the purpose of the Great Pyramid. It certainly took a lot of effort. Again, was there some long lost purpose that compelled them to do this? Was it another ancient search for the energy of the Earth and mankind’s connection to it? Think about this – when an empty wine bottle is wrapped in wet paper and held aloft on the top of the Great Pyramid, it collects energy much like a Faraday Bottle, essentially it’s a capacitor for storing energy! This astonishing fact was discovered by a pyramid explorer in the 1800s – he was very surprised to see sparks coming off of his fingertips when he held the bottle. So, some specific locations do have energy that currently can’t be accounted for by mainstream science.

Kirlian photography, discovered in 1939, attributes a coronal discharge for items subjected to high voltage on a photographic plate. Beautiful patterns emerge for both animate and inanimate objects. The patterns for lifeforms are based upon their electrical conductivity and it often extends far beyond the borders of their physical bodies. Even though electromagnetic energy decreases by the inverse square of the distance away from you, it still has some effect even at a great distance. Similarly, our body communicates using electrical impulses and it also has a slight voltage, so in essence, our bodies, like all life, is composed of living electromagnetic energy. Since we have this energy flowing throughout our bodies and beyond, we should have an interaction with the Earth around us, and vice versa. This much is obvious when we see birds migrate based upon their interconnection with the Earth, so, what latent powers have we been ignoring within ourselves? Maybe there’s something beyond just having that funny feeling or déjà-vu moment?

There is also a spiritual aspect. Since our electromagnetic fields interact with our environment, why not with other people, living or dead? What happens with the body’s energy after we pass along into another life? Surely, it doesn’t vanish – the physic’s law called Conservation of Energy prevents any loss in energy. Maybe it transforms into something different. Faith healers and shamans have been around since the beginning of mankind. Why can’t we reach out to others like them? Maybe some people can – it’s just a statistical rarity nowadays. If not people, why not the Earth itself, which, as an interactive biosphere, may have a collective intelligence?

The energy grid is real. We are a part of it. It seems promising that we’re learning more about it, and while we may or may not be on the right track, at least we’re seeking something good and full of hope for mankind.