Energy Independence Petro Terror Alternative Energy Inefficient Power Grid

People believe the President went back on his word when he approved drilling in areas off the Atlantic Coast, and additional drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  Many people cite the oil companies presently have millions of acres at their disposal that they have chosen not to explore.  Why don’t the oil companies explore those areas first? 

What is all this doubt, fear, and second-guessing the President’s energy policy really about?  The answer is conditioning.  A lack of trust created by repeated political lies, told by all the preceding US Presidents, about balancing a fine line between conservation and our energy needs.  Energy independence is an important American goal in fighting terror, and in continuing our nation’s place as an expanding and recovering vibrant economy.

This matter of allowing the oil companies, access to places before off limits, is only one of many fronts, on which energy independence is the ultimate goal in this global economy.  It will take years before the first oil is extracted from the sites recently opened to oil exploration.  This is the first administration, which is not providing lip service to alternative forms of energy.  In the meantime, these other options such as wind, solar, hydro-electric, and bio fuel alternatives, are moving at a tremendous pace.  Alternative energy with oil and energy independence in mind is spurred on by government support, not government opposition.  These alternative sources are in their infancy when in comparison to fossil fuels.  The grid upon which the entire North American Continent depends for the power generated to areas where consumption is needed, currently cannot handle a large influx of alternative sources of energy.  The entire grid needs to be reconfigured, to handle both the delivery as well as the acceptance of extra, generated energy, and pay appropriately for the input of that energy, whether it is extra solar not used at a person’s home, or wind energy, from a wind farm in the middle of North Dakota.

The government has people in the administration that will not be duped or fooled again.  No more can a big company like Archer Daniels, and other large farming concerns, use their power and influence to get the Congress to pass ridiculous, and not scientifically thought out alternatives, like ethanol made from corn.  Corn is not the best product to extract ethanol, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is raising the cost of food production, as more acres of corn are diverted from feed crops to fuel crops.

The single biggest threat to the economic recovery of the United States is our exponentially greater need for fuel consumption.  The reason it is a threat is that the United States imports currently two thirds of the fuel this country uses to maintain the way Americans are accustomed to living.  The money this country spends on fuel, other nations use those dollars to make war on the American way of life.  Bullets and bombs that have killed our soldiers are in part paid today, from the money Americans spend on heating their home, running their cars, and operating their businesses. 

The day this country reaches energy independence will not be the day the country says, “Drill baby, drill.”  It will not be the day some new cost effective bio fuel, made from landfill waste is produced.  It will not be large solar or wind turbine systems.  It will not be hydroelectric power or geothermal power.  It will not be nuclear energy.  It will be, when our nation’s grid can  absorb and distribute all forms of energy created, in a fashion that generates power from sources within, the United States.  As new forms of American energy through technology, which this administration has seriously funded for its long-range potential, come on line, the day of American Independence is at hand.  Never again will The USA pay to make weapons used against Americans, in the form of Petrodollars [Petro-Terror].

Complex problems with common goals require all sides of the debate to meet in the middle, for the continued freedom and expansion of the United States.