The Facts about Blue Diamonds

The facts about blue diamonds…

I would suspect there are few women in the world who don’t like diamonds. Women are intrigued by them, and they love to sport a big diamond on their finger or fingers. We love the excitement connected with the man who is going to ask us one day to marry them and we wait patiently for our engagement rings and later the wedding ring. I would have to say that diamonds are a part of women’s fashion and desires. I love the old saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

According to, diamonds are composed of carbon atoms that have been subjected to extreme heat and pressure. When a diamond does not contain any impurities the color will be clear, and as we know, nature usually does not create a thing that doesn’t have impurities in it. Diamonds contain certain amounts of nitrogen atoms, and when some of the many carbon atoms have been replaced by nitrogen atoms, the clarity will be changed.

When we find a blue diamond, some of the nitrogen is replaced by boron. You might ask, “What on earth is boron?” Boron reflects the blue wavelength of a light spectrum, and the higher amount of concentration of boron, the more color we will see. When a blue diamond appears, it’s because the level of one or a few boron atoms appear for every million-carbon atom.These diamonds are rare and very pricey like the famous Hope diamond.

As you look at a blue diamond, you are casting your eyes on a rare and an expensive diamond. I think the blue diamond is one of the most beautiful of all diamonds. I’ve seen yellow, clear and black diamonds, but their beauty doesn’t stand a chance against a blue diamond. If you want to see a blue diamond that will astonish you, the Hope Diamond can be viewed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. It boasts the title of being the most famous “blue diamond” in the world. It has 45.52 carats, and it is the largest deep blue diamond. If you ever get a chance to go see this diamond, imagine in your mind how many years old it is, can you believe, it’s more than a billion years old? This diamond was found in Golconda, India back in the 1600s. It has a past of being owned by kings and commoners, it been sold, travelled far and wide, been a victim of a thief and recovered, and has been tampered with by cutting and re-cutting.

When you look at a blue diamond, realize they are very valuable investments and many of these blue stones, The Blue Empress and The Regent Diamond are owned by royalty and they rarely sell these valuable gems. Blue diamonds come in different shapes and sizes, i.e., octagon, and pear shapes.

If you have a blue diamond, you are fortunate and you should “not” allow anyone to cut or reshape it unless they are true professionals in the gem field.