Facts about Blue Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girls best friend. Don’t blue diamonds sound even more appealing? Blue diamonds are incredibly rare, especially the naturally occurring blue diamonds. Being so rare, many diamond companies will alter the color by heating the diamond. This brightens the color. These can be more budget friendly. So where do all the diamonds come from?

This history of diamonds in general is long. In nature, diamonds are composed completely of carbon atoms. These carbon atoms are crystallized and arranged somewhat cubically. Forming between 75 and 120 miles below the earth’s surface, it may still take thousands of years for the diamonds to migrate near the earth’s surface. Volcanos with Kimberlite and lamprolite magma aids in diamonds transitioning. Therefore, diamonds must be mined, or dug up. The rough blue diamonds are primarily mined in South Africa, Australia, and India. There are a few other places with scattered blue diamond mines, but South Africa is the largest, most abundant mines.

Blue diamonds, being so rare, are one of the most coveted by collectors. The color of blue diamonds can range from a pale blue to a deep, dark blue. They get the blue color from a boron impurity. This same boron gives some blue diamonds the ability to conduct electricity. Only natural blue diamonds conduct electricity. The heated or altered ones do not. Sometimes hydrogen can cause the “blue impurity” in diamonds, but doesn’t conduct electricity. The “Hope Diamond” is a famous natural blue diamond. There are several common names for blue diamonds. These are baby, royal, midnight, zircon, steel and navy.

How much of these natural beauties can you afford? To give an idea of pricing on these beautiful unaltered blues, they can be as much as over half million dollars per carat. That could be a bit much for any budget. The irradiated blue diamonds are much more budget friendly if you’re a diamond fan. Size and shape will affect the price of your sought after blue diamond. These altered blue diamonds can be $500-$2000 per carat, on average. Of course, you may be able to find wholesale jewelers out there. There is also ebay and other online jewelry dealers for discounted blue diamonds. No matter where you get them, these gorgeous beauties would make a great addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you get blue diamonds for everyday wear or special occasions, the blue diamond is top notch.


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