The Effects of Stress

Stress is something that everyone gets, young and old. It’s an odd behavioral symptom that gets us down, pulls us into an unhappy spot and leaves us there, making us want to pull our hair out. It makes us feel burnt out and tired even, and can even cause some depression. What are the physical, mental, and even behavioral effects that stress can cause? Here are the most common factors that come with the territory.

Anger –

Anger is a forceful expression we use when we are irritated, irritation is part of stress, so it is no wonder that you may snap at a loved one when you are undergoing direct stress. You may even yell and lash out even when you think you are not. Your brain waves have had enough and it makes you angry. Just like how depression can form, quick and angry response times occur as well.

Memory loss –

Yes, as scary as it seems, if you are way over the top in stress with no relieve you can lose your short term memory, even after just learning something. Stress factors take over the brain leaving less to imagination and less for your brain to hold onto to. This is a serious case if it gets even worse and finding the perfect ways to release your stress is very essential.

Sleeping problems –

This is another common factor for those that suffering from very a tense outlook. Having trouble with sleeping is widespread and it often happens when the body is very restless and tense, making it so you cannot relax and fall into a slumber. To cure something like this, you need to find something to relax yourself like a nice hot bath with some ambient music, works like a charm for a quick remedy.

Emotional problems –

Not only does anger come out of the box, but so does being overly dramatic and quick with words. Sometimes stress takes up too much of your mind, making you have big nervous break downs and feel like crying over simple matters, this is when seeking help for stress relief is assured.

Isolation –

Maybe you like being by yourself by nature, but not talking to anyone for days is a stress problem that needs to be damaged. This can cause even more stress, since talking with others can help in the long run. Living by yourself locked up like a hermit should be avoided.

Stress is a struggle for most people, but there are many cures out there to help us get over the causes.