The Difference between Love and Romantic Love

Too often are love and romantic love confused to be one of the same, this is a pity because not only are they not on the same level,they are part of completely different worlds and cause emotion and state of rationality to be altered in completely different ways. Love is needed to survive. Romantic love is literally foolish.

Love is the feeling of overwhelming and unconditional admiration or gratitude one has for a person, place or thing. Love tends to be stronger and more elaborate when it is between people. Love gives us reason to live, reason to breathe, and reason to grow.

Love is the foundation of life itself. It is found to bring mankind closer together, it is created through bonding, and is a very hard force to bend or break. Logic is rarely crowded by love, it does not tend to dull the senses.

It  is also often described as more than a feeling, but an experience in which keeps the world in unison or brings about some sort of harmony to life. This bond keeps families together, keeps people striving for their dreams, and keeps the spark of life alive.

‘Romantic love is a mental disorder which effects the part of our brain we use to think rationally.’

Romantic love is ones illusion of a fantasy character whom meets or exceeds his or her expectations, the part of the character in our imaginations is projected onto the significant other.

Romantic love can be compared to “seeing the world through rose colored glasses.” It is a perspective we’ve decided to take up, and it is bound to come crashing down as we notice our expectations are not met, and people are not so capable of change for anyones benefit but their own.

Romantic love is a scheme, a false mental picture society been spoon fed since childhood through stories, books, and cinema. The American Dream in actuality is a nightmare, and it’s time people started waking up.

The number one reason people marry in this day of age is for love. The rate for divorce in the United States is almost 50% of all marriages. Go ahead, look it up, then ask yourself when the last time you were consistently happy in your current relationship for more than a week. Marriage would benefit from factors besides love. Romantic love, quite honestly, we could probably do without and be a lot happier.

As you can see, it is very important that we are able to distinguish love and romantic love. The two have completely different effects: love inspires happiness, romantic love tends to reel in considerable amounts of foolishness. There are no games in love, but romantic love on the other hand is a complete competition for who can deliver the better permanent mind screw. Hopefully the benefits for each has become considerably evident, for the difference will be consistently prevailing.