The Chemistry of Water

The Chemistry of Water

Water is an essential element of life, it makes up over two thirds of our own body mass. This colorless, odorless, amorphous liquid is the most precious resource of our planet and the only natural compound that can exist in three physical states: liquid, solid or gas About 70 to 75% of Earth’s surface is covered with water, 99% of all this water is not available to us. Water is the main component of about 80% of all living things.

Why water molecules stick together?

The chemical formula of water is H2O i.e. two Hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to one Oxygen atom in a V shape with an angle of 1050. As oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen, the bonding electrons are shared unequally hence a partial positive charge ( +) forms at the hydrogen end and partial negative charge ( -) forms at the oxygen end of the water molecule. Due to these two opposite poles on individual molecule, nearby water molecules are attracted to each other like tiny magnets. The electrostatic attraction between the opposite charges of adjacent water molecules is called Hydrogen Bonding. The uniqueness of water lies in the arrangement of water molecules through H-bonding.

Ice doesn’t sink but floats!

Ice is about 9% less dense than water hence takes up 9% more space than liquid water. In liquid water, each molecule is hydrogen-bonded to 3.4 other H2O molecules where as in ice each molecule is bonded to 4 other molecules hence has more expanded structure than liquid water. The fact that ice floats makes life exist on this planet.

Water forms droplet, why?

Every molecule within water is engaged in tug of war with its neighboring molecules on every side. For every up pull there is a down pull, for every left pull there is a right pull and so on as a result any molecule inside the surface feels no net attraction. Molecules at the surface of the liquid water have less neighboring molecules they experience all down pull no up pull within water. This causes the water to pull itself into a shape with smallest amount of surface area. The stretched surface of water also explains why water strider can walk on water.

Universal Solvent good or bad?

Water is called universal solvent as it dissolves more substances than any other solvents. Any substance carrying a net electrical charge can dissolve in water. Water molecules surround their partially charged ends to drag the substance into solution. Because of this property, nutrients are easily transported through plants and animals. It carries away waste products like ammonia, urea hence allows us to use it as a cleanser for our bodies, homes and house wares. Again, this ability to dissolve and carry materials can also contribute to the spread of pollutants harmful to wildlife and human being.

Acid or Base?

Pure water has a neutral pH of 7 that means it is neither acid nor base. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Substances with pH less than 7 are termed as acid and greater than 7 are termed as base. The change in pH in water source can give an indication of pollution.
Water for healthy energetic soul:
Our health is directly related to the chemical structure of water. It is important to maintain our body pH, the aquatic solution inside of our body should not be too acidic or alkaline for it could force the cells to die causing health problem.

Healthy Tips:

Adequate amount of water intake
prevents clogging of arteries in heart or brain
generates electrical and magnetic energy in every body cell, providing natural power boost
makes brain well hydrated and energized to imprint new information in its memory banks

Hot water or cold water?

For cooking or drinking from the tap cold water is recommended as hot water dissolves contaminant more quickly than cold water hence can leach Pb from pipes and lead can damage brain and nervous system especially for young children.
Beauty Tips:
Start the day with one tea spoon honey in one cup of water- result healthy glowing skin
Squeeze the juice of one piece of lemon in one glass full of water and drink after lunch, helps to digest and also gives natural glow to your cheeks.
To wear off tired look from your face try this. Before going to bed, wash your face, make a paste of petroleum jelly with water so that it becomes more like lotion , gently rub with your finger tips in circular motion you will see the freshness within a couple of days.

Every drop counts:

Around 1.1 billion that is one sixth of the global population do not have access to safe drinking water. A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 75 liters of water a day. So think global and consume with care.