The Application of Genetic Engineering Designer Babies

The application of genetic engineering on human beings relates to the controlled alteration of all the genes in the human chromosomal. Deoxyribonucleic acid, otherwise known as DNA, is responsible for the genetic characteristics for every living organism. It can influence the individual’s physical appearance, actions and abilities. Now with the advance of DNA technology, scientists are able to change the gene expressions and the individuals’ abilities, cognitively, communally or physically. In my essay, I will analyse the pros and cons of human genetic engineering by presenting two sides of an argument and my personal opinions on the topic itself.

Genetic engineering is use to repair damages or replace the missing genes in those who have genetic disorders in the form of gene therapy otherwise know as somatic. This state of genetic engineering can help lessen many genetic disorder problems, such as severe combined immunodeficiency, cystic fibrosis and so on. The process of somatic undertakes a non- pathogenic virus system. The good copy of the individual’s genes is been inserted into liposomes, which are the microscopic fatty droplets. The new cells would separate as normal cells and each division would stimulate the destined cells trait. The result of the procedure would be that the individual would then have the gene cells that were absent previously. Personally, I think this trade of genetic engineering is useful as it helps those who have genetic disorders and make them better. This can lead to a improved future for them, as they do not feel isolated from the society because of their health problems.

On the contrary, genetic disorders only represent a small fraction of the ill health burden. Despite this figures, a large disproportionate amount of research funding is being spend on gene therapy protocols, yet however in spite of many years of research, none of the protocols have so far succeeded. Adenoviruses, a type of pathogenic attenuated vectors are use to transfer genes into patients. In this case, the genes may experience an unflavoured manner as it combines with wild type versions of viruses in the body and this generally results to further complications. It can weaken the patient or even can lead to fatal. This gene therapy has already resulted one death from their use. Even though it can be great achievements on patients with disorders of genetic, I feel that it is unnecessary for researchers to invest a large amount of money for the therapy protocols. These huge sums can help those who are hungry, homeless and so on.

DNA resulting from gene-splicing is use in genetic screening that is to test the patient’s genomes for gene distinguishes which might later result to genetic disorders. This procedure is also tested on unborn babies for the sign of mongolism, also known as Down’s syndrome. These abnormal chromosomes resulting to mental deficiency, slanted eyes and short broad hands, cause this disease. Any unwanted foetuses can be aborted hence it will gradually decrease the undeliverable population traits. Gene screening can also be carried out on embryos produced for in vitro fertilisation, IVF. This method will save implanting embryos with undesired characteristics for example the gender of the baby. Soon, parents might be able to create babies designed to meet their own wishes.

Sperms and eggs from intelligent and attractive people are already offered for sale on the Internet. This means that by genetically extract the right DNA from the sperms and eggs, scientist will be able to design a perfect human being of the parents’ desires. Although this manner of proceeding will result to the decrease number of unwanted babies and help those who are infertile in the form of IVF, I feel that designer babies is not morally right as the individual would be an instrument of the parents’ desires and reflects their vanity and selfishness self.

An argument to follow my opinion is as follow. IVF procedure is highly wasteful of eggs, sperms and embryos. Hundreds are needed for one successful implantation. Each and every one of the embryos have a potential to be a full human beings. So, is it morally right for parents to kill the numerous amount of unwanted embryos just because they do not qualify the parents’ desire? Surely not. This treatment could lead human beings to be egotistical and only care about one’s self. In addition, Down’s syndrome children are often regards as a gift in their families. This special children are grateful of their lives and they also propose opportunities for family members to learn and develop the skills and knowledge which they might not developed previously. Also how the society that we live in changes its attitude as it accepts those people with essential needs and disabilities.

Experimentally, gene therapy is being applied to treat cancer. Cancer is the major class of diseases in the total burden of ill health. The advantage of this procedure is that it only aims at the cancerous cells therefore avoiding collateral damage to other tissues on the surrounding by the chemical therapies and current radiation. This technique is effective as it prevents any further complications on the patients as it only targets on the damage cancerous cells. Also, the patient will be least affected by the radiation. If gene therapy is approved and could be done widely, it will reduce the amount of patients with cancerous problems.

Conversely, cancer is influenced by the environmental circumstances as food, water, lifestyle and carcinogenic chemicals in air, by tackling these factors, we will be able to reduce the numerous amount of cancer rather than using the technology of gene therapy. Also, whilst removing the cancer growth, the doctor might not observed the underlying causes of the cancer and as a result, a tumour will formed. It will take another chemical therapy to remove it and therefore it just creates more problems and money is needed to pay for the treatment. Therefore, I generally feel that it is a waste of time, effort and money to try to reduce the major class of diseases when it can be done through the every day lifestyles of the individuals that is by looking after their health diet.

In conclusion, I would consider that genetic engineering has its advantage and disadvantages. It can help those with genetic disorders and treat cancer in a form of gene therapy. It is also useful for infertile parents who wished to have a child of their own. On the other hand, it makes human beings to become selfish. Just a tiny error can cause a fatal result on the patients and can lead to death. On the whole, I feel that genetic engineering is morally right thing to do if is done in a well manner with careful concentration and without selfishness. I believe that designer babies and cloning is morally wrong as it is an act of egoism and manifest.