Mankind will become Extinct unless we have Genetic Engineering – Yes

Mankind will become extinct unless we have genetic engineering. Due to genetic degradation, our DNA is becoming weaker and subject to more errors. Unless there is genetic engineering, mankind may not last more than another 100,000 years, if that long.

There are many reasons for genetic engineering. Those that have genetic diseases need to have their faulty genes replaced either with natural or synthetic genes. Some genetic diseases have haunted families for centuries. With gene replacement, the nightmare can end in one generation.

Some people have weak genes that need to be replaced so that they can become healthy individuals. If a few genes need to be replaced for those with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, people like Stephen Hawking could eventually have a healthy body and won’t need the electronic voice box. I could reconstruct him in less than three years and he would be better than normal. But gene replacement may do almost the same thing for less money.

Gene replacement will let people with compromised immune systems have a stronger immune system. Cancer and AIDS will also be treated genetically. Without gene replacement, millions of people have died and will die. I consider it nearly medical malpractice for gene replacement not to be used when it becomes possible.

In the future, some sports may allow people to be genetically enhanced. There could be special teams that will feature enhanced athletes. Imagine baseball players that are able to hit 80 home runs every year going against pitchers that are able to throw 120 mph fastballs. People would love to see quarterbacks throw 80 yard passes or see kickers kick for that far and running backs that can outrun horses. And in wrestling when someone is described as an animal, it could be because of the animal genes that replace the human ones.

Further in the future, when genetic manipulation will allow the aging process to be reversed, look for people to live for centuries at their optimum age. That means a person could look and feel like he is 30 for the rest of his life, which may be over 600 years. People could work for 300 years, invest their money wisely, and spend the final centuries living off of what they collected and invested. Women who love children may have over 200 children and have great-great-great-grandchildren older than their youngest children. This will be the result of genetic manipulation. I don’t know how many women would want to be baby factories unless they do it so that parents that have no children can adopt theirs. But I know that if I could have my age reversed so that I would be like I was when I was 25, and if I had over $20 million invested so I could live off of the interest, I would be able to write thousands of books and weeks or months of music. I could travel around the world and eventually to other planets. But with genetic manipulation, I can forget about it. But I hope it is available for future generations.