Thank the Lord that the Races that could do us the most Harm are kept at Bay

There are more than 57 alien species. Those are the ones we officially know about. If all the races of aliens came to earth from all the dimensions, the sky would be full of spaceships or this planet would not exist since some species have a hatred toward inferior races like humans.

I plan on writing a series about our government being involved with aliens since 1897. It will be my ACE series which stands for Alien Cooperation Enterprise. According to the books, it was established by President McKinley during the summer of 1897 when a delegation of aliens came to the White House to meet with him and informed him that some species wanted to use earth as a testing area for weapons and diseases that would be used as weapons. They wanted to work with our people to keep earth from being destroyed.

Sergeant Stone was allowed to know only so much. If he knew everything about our involvement with aliens, he would become either frightened to death or so frustrated that he would have to be shifted to another dimension to keep him from revealing too much.

There are at least three different ultra-dense transuranic elements that are used for fuel in nuclear reactors. When they are exposed to a particle field or charged particle beams, they release an abundant supply of radioactive particles that can be used by various devices and also produce heat for steam power systems. When the field or beam is shut off, the material becomes so stable and safe that you can handle it with your bare hand and it will feel cold to the touch due to the energy loss. In fact, you might get frozen fingers or hands. The material could supply this world with centuries of safe and reliable energy.

The most advanced races don’t need to use spaceships for travel. They use transdimensional field alignment and teleportation which allows them to almost instantly teleport from one end of the universe to the other. They have no need to conquer this planet because that would be like conquering an ant hill. We are too primitive for them to care about. It is a good thing they are peaceful because over 150,000 years ago they were masters of their galaxies until they realized war was a waste of time and effort. It was easier to just overwhelm other races and have them surrender to them instead of being destroyed.

Fortunately, one of those extremely advanced races decided to help us out to prevent the more violent races from trying to invade this planet. But some of those races have tried to ally themselves with various peoples on this planet to attempt to get a foothold. But they have been thwarted. But they were close when one such race nearly helped Germany win WW II. If Hitler hadn’t been insane, Germany would have won the war.

A friend of mine says that the race that has a base on the moon has forbidden us from coming back until we become peaceful. He might be right. But that won’t stop the Chinese from going there and setting up a base. If they foolishly try to rely on their own technology and abilities, they will die from exposure to radiation because they won’t use force fields to protect their base. After enough Chinese astronauts die, they may abandon the moon. That will be when ACE allows some of their scientists to work with NASA to develop the materials and field protection needed to make a safe and successful base on the moon. So it’s not that we are so violent. If that were the case, we would have never landed in the first place.

The most powerful weapon we officially have now is a hydrogen bomb. Unofficially, the most powerful weapon we have is something called a beam penetration particle expansion warhead. It would be released from a missile, initiate a multi-beam penetration of the target, drill down to a fault zone, and explode down there with enough power to start a massive earthquake that can destroy thousands of square miles of land. The radiation will be absorbed by the earth. But the destruction will be greater than that cause by dozens of warheads.

One of the most powerful weapons at the disposal of one advanced race is an electromagnetic field disruption beam. It is a hyperlight speed weapon that can punch a hole through the earth in less than 0.0001 of a second. The hyperlight speed chain reaction is powerful enough to cause a global earthquake. But when the fields of Earth are absorbed and concentrated into the beam, all our field protection is removed and humans that aren’t protected die from exposure to cosmic radiation.

Out of the thousands of races in the universe, we should feel slighted that only 57 want to study or work with us. When you throw in the 120 or so other races that we unofficially work with and that show an interest in us, we should feel a little better. Thank the Lord that the races that could do us the most harm are kept at bay thanks to the humans and aliens of ACE.