Success as an Introvert

Achieving success can seem impossible if you are an introvert, but many introverts are highly successful. Understanding how to achieve success as an introvert (in a world that seems full of extroverts), will be easier if you understand the word introvert. suggests that an introvert is “a shy person,” or with reference to psychology, “a person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings,” as “opposed to an extrovert.”   

Consider the following tips for achieving success as an introvert.

Know that you are not alone, as there are many other introverts in this world. Being an introvert can seem painful to you and others, but be aware that the word introvert is just a label that you can wear or choose not to wear. It does not necessarily determine your degree of success or guarantee failure. The question of how to achieve success becomes easier to deal with if you realize that everyone is an introvert to some degree, as they direct thoughts and feelings toward themselves. Introversion is more obvious with those who are shy.

Shyness is a personality trait. suggests that shyness is “to draw back, as from fear or caution,” as in “drawing back from contact or familiarity with others.”

Achieving success often goes hand in hand with contact and familiarity with others, but not always. When a shy or introverted person focuses on their potential success or achievement in a proactive, positive and constructive direction, the self is no longer the center of attention or magnified to such a degree that self is emotionally or mentally crippling.

Facing fears head on or directly can lead to achieving success because you realize that fear is at the root of your introversion. Conquering your fear may require courage. For example, you want a promotion but are afraid to discuss the possibility with your employer. You may be your own worst obstacle to success because of needless or senseless fear. Perhaps you imagine your worst fear as coming true, but when you have the courage to approach your employer, they encourage you with positive motivation, including a bonus.

Avoid intimidation by extroverts, as there is no guarantee that they will succeed; they may be too busy socializing with others to achieve success. Be aware that bullying is often an attention-seeking tactic of extroverts, particularly when there is competition. Avoid bullies and seek out other introverts with similar interests. You do not need to be afraid of others, what they will think, say or do.

Dealing with failure or rejection can seem devastating for an introvert, whereas an extrovert will likely ignore it, look past it and move on. As painful as it may seem to you, in order to achieve success as an introvert you have to move on and get over your failure or rejection.

Your success will be the result of your ingenuity, ability and consistent hard work. Begin to see yourself as a success, set goals and work hard so you do succeed. Take advantage of opportunities for success. Who knows? You may be an exceptionally gifted individual, destined for success, so explore all of your possible horizons.