Space Exploration in the Future Read my Mind

Already well into a decade of the 21st. Century, we have sent our Kepler Space Ship – unmanned – with the hope of finding habitable planets. But Space exploration in our future must be a whole new technological shift as well as our level of approach, mentally.

Our Planet Earth’s Indigenous folk has a better understanding of the fact there are other worlds ‘up in the sky’ inhabited. Sacred texts have left record of visitations, which means today we’ll need to change our approach psychologically, that first, we really are not alone. Transforming to new inquiry, we can then head deeper into the Space beyond our own, with a more positive approach to why we even began.

Reaching further for the stars, we cannot deny any longer the truth that some-one of a higher intelligence, has visited us here. Our explorers leaving with no doubt we will need to understand a better communication. Surveillance high-tech is not new in reading brainwaves with electromagnetic radiation. Yet in a whole new future we would need better perceptiveness to be able to communicate mind to mind.

We act like we know it all, being the only ones in the universe, yet with all the technology in the world of NASA’s now, we still carry a greater degree of disbelief, when measured against sheer curiosity. We are bringing Space Age kids into their own world now, and their whole concept is very different from explorers of the past. Our children’s minds are advanced more at a physiological and cognition level.

Having to accommodate this, all other forms of technology of how one leaves earth, and transverses the sky-ways, is very unlike the ways we do try now. The future in Space is the children’s tomorrow.

This is as close as tomorrow is to next week in their time, as a 14 year old offspring is already aspiring to 40 years in maturity. Born into now, as well as the future – which was not ours – they wait to bring their knowledge into today’s acceptance.

They ascend what is ignorantly called UFO’s, with minds grasping the fact that Light Ships – which NASA now try to fathom – no longer need rockets to piggy-back space shuttles off this planet in the first place to reach beyond. It is true yesterday’s Sci-fi becomes today’s actuality, and tomorrow brings change. The comics alone of yesterday’s grandparents, has caught up with real up-to-date generation.

The importance of space exploration can only take us so far into the 21st.Century to where the old stops, that whole new concept begins. Time, has proven this, and change is always inevitable. Technology will step up to the future, to open minds further beyond the old ways we cling to. Facts, that some have records of such things futuristic, are still ignored, yet could be analyzed.

In the Light – within all it’s energies – reason will turn history back on itself. Back to the Future, we find ourselves, and those like us in Space with a 360 degree turn-around from our present human conception of what Time really is. With this, we would have to acknowledge that those still living, would not be left counted as generations of the past on our return.

That exploration into our future of Outer Space not only imparts us with the knowledge to go bodily, and return, but leaves our own world living in Peace. To take such an inheritance into our Cosmos, is to find our roots were out there from the start.