Space Exploration in the Future

The future is it here already? This is a debate in itself. At the same time, I think that the future is laid out by not what happens here on earth, but how mankind deals with space exploration and where he takes it to. What is truly the next level of space exploration? Once the space station is completed and we see more activity from it, I see a large space construction platform being built. What I mean here is that something similar to shipbuilding yards here on earth will eventually be constructed in earth orbit and maybe even on the moon and other planets, especially mars wants man walks on it and discovers that there will be opportunities there to build earth-like cities.

The future of space exploration is going to be very much like what we have seen in Star Trek movies. This includes the spaceship building platforms and the ability to travel long distances without the thought of aging. They will be five year missions or even longer. At the same time, I for see mankind meeting other societies in the darkest parts of space. Space is eternal and never stops. There is great opportunity for humanity to find other resources and other worlds which will sustain life. I think this is necessary as the earth becomes overpopulated. This is also necessary as humankind continues to find ways to bring damage upon this world. With the depletion of the ozone layer, with wars and famine and continued struggles of all kinds, we are looking at the necessity of exploring other areas of space and this includes areas outside of our own solar system. I know that I am writing more science fiction than science fact, but I think this is the only way to look at it. We have to take the fiction out of science and start looking at the facts.

The facts are plain and clear. If we as humans do not do something to reverse the harm that we are bringing to our own world, then we have no other choice but to look to the heavens for a new home. I am not sure if this is something that will occur in our lifetime, but it is certainly something that the world space agencies have to look at, if humanity is going to survive. I am a believer in God and Jesus Christ, and I know that His return is inevitable, yet, I also believe that God created earth and the heavens and He is responsible for our actions. This means that should we have the need to vacate the earth, He will be with us no matter where we go. Science and religion do have a correlation with one another no matter what we believe. If this was not the case, then would Ezekiel been able to see the earth from space as was written in the Bible? Many theorists believe that Ezekiel may have been our first astronaut. I think this is truly fascinating. I also believe that there are hidden messages in the Bible that says we will be lifted up into the heavens. Think about the verses where Jesus will meet us in the sky.

I am a major proponent of space exploration and it needs to continue at all costs. Members of the astronaut corps understand this and know the risks. Yes, many have died for the advancement of space exploration, but they did know the risks and more and more will be taking the risks to better humanity.

Space exploration is important even if earth comes out of the danger zone of total extinction. In space, medical advances are easier to come by in zero gravity as this has been proved time and time again aboard the space shuttle and the space station. What happens in space can be truly beneficial for survival on earth.