Some Water Conservation Strategies

“Water, Water Everywhere”

“Water, water everywhere, but nary a drop to drink” is rapidly becoming the “true-to-life” plight of us humans, here on this planet. This reality is coming to pass because of the, seemingly, unabated and unstoppable waste, pollution and depletion of our planet’s waters.

Water, precious water, is the elixir of life. Pure, natural, uncontaminated water is essential to us and to all other life forms on this earth. Without drinkable water, to replenish what our bodies constantly use, we die. We, every blessed one of us, will all die, never to be replaced. We, not a single one of us, will not leave any progeny. Our species will be gone from planet Earth.

Water truly is everywhere. It is the most abundant substance on earth. Water comprises the greater part of what we and other living things are composed. “We are water, and water is us.”

How ironic it must seem to the creative forces of the universe that, after the genius of earth’s most creative creatures allowed them to succeed in desalinization of their planet’s ocean waters, making them drinkable, these self-same creatures have succeeded in polluting, wasting and contaminating so much water, so rapidly, that their species is facing extinction.

We may never know whether our demise is happening because we humans developed some pervasive, species-wide “death wish”, or collectively succumbed to over-powering stupidity fueled by unremitting carelessness and greed. Regardless, the passing of humankind is eminent. Shortly, there will not be enough water to drink, to keep us from drying out and dying out.

Now that it is likely too late to matter, some hue and cry has begun. Pertinent questions, to which there are too few logical, workable answers, are being raised. Some ask, “Who is really to blame?” The honest answer is that, “We all are to blame.” “Each and every one of us shares a portion of the collective blame.”

Many persons ask, “Can’t our world leaders, our heads of state and corporate executives, just put a stop to what is happening to the world’s waters?” The reply has to be that, “It is likely to be too late to do anything, effective enough and soon enough, for it to matter.” “Moreover, heads of state and corporate executives are probably too complicit, in what is happening to the world’s waters, to be expected to bring effective measures to bear.” “Humans just don’t act against themselves!”

A few persons ask, “Isn’t our human species resilient, flexible and adaptable enough for mutations of our bodies to occur and result in the development of human life forms that will not need to be totally dependent upon water for survival?” Any answer to that question has to include, “Even if such an eventuation were possible, it would not cause our present human life forms to survive.” “Any new human life forms that came to be would be totally different from those of us who are soon to perish from the earth.”

Persons of wisdom and “spiritual enlightenment” advise us humans to cease to rail against the inevitable. They advise us to try to find peace, within ourselves and with one another, and to prepare to join the other entities of the spirit world in harmonious, afterlife, existence. .