Society Problems Humans

Sometimes, we as a society make and create standards that are meant to be for the good of everyone. Not always are these standards as good as the society believes it to be. Sometimes these standards do irrevocable harm to individuals or groups that can never be taken back. We as humans, as a society, need to do better. We can do better.

The Native Americans were nearly whipped off the map of the world because the society that decided to live here decided that they were too savage and not needed. It was believed by some that they were evil and should be destroyed. When others got to know them, they learned from them and came to find out that we ourselves who call ourselves civilized are the true savages for the irrevocable harm and destruction we caused these noble and humble people who lived at peace and in harmony with nature because we refused to get to know them and understand them better. We decided that our ways were better mostly because it was what we grew up with.

People had slaves in their homes doing jobs that could have been done easily by themselves or by paid workers. However, they didn’t want to pay them for work that they could have done for free. No one at the time saw the evil in taking people from the homes that they had, away from families and villages that they knew and forcing them to work in impoverished conditions with no money and very little food at times, like animals. To tell the truth sometimes even the animals were treated better than the slaves were.

We as people have been condemning others and committing great acts of evil for centuries as we pronounce wars upon our enemies in the name of all the heavens and in the name of God, Goddess, and more. Always we blame the devil, the heavens, the earth and the stars for everyone else’s trouble when truly it is our own fault for the evil done to others. I’ve heard people scream out aliens are trying to destroy the world so that they can take it over. I seriously doubt that. I can’t say that I don’t believe in aliens or intelligent life beyond our own, but really, I do not think that people from another planet want to destroy something like earth after coming so far to visit it. Bunch of bunk if you ask me.

If the earth were ever destroyed we would only have the so-called civilized human to blame.

The civilized human has yet to recognize that there are more than two sexes amongst the modern human. The modern human sees and recognizes the male and female genders, but will not recognize the hermaphrodite as another gender that walks amongst us, most likely because it frightens him and makes him aware of the fact that humans are still an animal even with all the human knowledge and advancements it has at its fingertips.

Sure the hermaphrodite normally are only able to produce offspring as a male or female, but no one can deny the fact that it is still double gendered due to the fact that it is born that way even if one of the two genders is dormant and unable to reproduce. What might frighten humans more would be if at one point of history a hermaphrodite was born that were born with both working organs. It hasn’t happened yet that we know of, and I’m certain that most humans have their fingers crossed that it never happens, because as some humans and even Christian humans have stated, “That is just unnatural.” Is it though? If it were to happen then it would have been a force of nature that created it within the womb of the woman. This would only mean that it was completely natural and meant to be because if you believe in God or even if you don’t, then you would have to admit despite our reasoning, The Divine or just nature itself has its own reasoning for things that we can’t quite understand.

Also, people slander the names of religious groups and organizations to make their own seem better and greater than the other groups. It is a political power play that has gone on for centuries and eons. It is horrid and sickening to the extent that they call each other evil or stupid. One person might believe in a being called God, another might believe that the creator is a Goddess, and a step further is where the group doesn’t believe in a Divine Being at all.

However each group has its pros and cons. They all believe we exist for one. They all seem to agree that we must have certain morals standards to uphold – whether they call them commandments or laws shouldn’t really matter. The cons are that no one is willing to agree to disagree. Everyone has to take offense that the other person is so stuck in their way and their ideals that they are unwilling to believe what the other guy has to say. Most of the stories are different that are told amongst the pagans and Christians but the funny thing is that they still teach the same ethical values that the other group seems to want instilled in their youth. Is it so horrible that we all grew up with different stories, with different ideals?

I’m so sorry that your prophet/teacher/Buddha didn’t grow up in the same area that my prophet/teacher/Buddha did. Your prophet/teacher/Buddha still had many great things to teach, and I am I certain that I would have liked to have learned them and still could with your help.

We could share and combine our knowledge and teachings. Maybe you would like to learn about the teachers of my area. should be our response instead of feuding the way we do. Why don’t we learn about each other’s ideals and the similarities they both share and have? Are we so scared that someone else may actually have more knowledge than us? Does the other person’s teachings have something in it that actually makes you cringe at your own evils that you have done? Did it relate more than you were willing to acknowledge? Or maybe you didn’t understand what they were teaching and couldn’t get any comprehension from it because it didn’t go exactly right with your own. If this is the problem then why can’t you move on to the things that you can relate to and understand?

We don’t have to fully agree on every little detail. If everyone thought and liked exactly the same thing this world would be very boring and not worth living in.

I wouldn’t want to see everyone dressed in the exactly same uniformed outfit. I would feel like I had no rights to my own thoughts. Not everyone is cut out to be a musician. Not everyone is cut out to be a tailor. Not everyone has the patience to sew by hand or to cook from scratch. Not everyone is going to raise his or her kids the same way. Not everyone is going to fall in love with the opposite gender. We are all totally different human beings with an innate/preprogrammed agenda to be different so that our society functions more smoothly.

Not everyone can be happy all the time and you can only please half of the people some of the time. In order to be happy, we have to create our own happiness. If you wait for someone else to make you happy you could be waiting forever. Even the Atheist shares this ideal. Some think God/Goddess will do it for them.

To be certain, if I was trying to raise children to be grownups I wouldn’t hand them everything under the stars just because they want it. That wouldn’t always benefit them, and I think that is why if you believe in such entities as a God/Goddess/gods/goddesses that they don’t give us everything. It may seem cruel to leave someone without a limb, but for some insane reason it may have been done to make them stronger or even more humble. The cruelest thing might be that it was done to humble those around the person to teach them that even the weak can be strong.