Predictions on Global Warming and Relocation Problems of Humans

There are many factors that will fall into place as global warming continues. Yes, the entire world is now concerned and we are scrambling for a quick fix; at least the well informed are. Because no one really knows what is happening, no one gave us an instruction booklet, there is even speculation that there may be another mini ice age on its way.

With a population of 6.6 billion already and rising, the problem of where will people go to relocate during this time of change is going to be a catastrophic one. To predict where to relocate humans with the onset of global warming will be a brutal choice for anyone with authority. In fact, authority will not matter once the migration commences.

The permafrost is melting along with the polar ice caps. With that methane gases are being released to rise up into the stratosphere. What the actual effects will be besides dangerous lightning and more rain all over the planet, is anyone’s guess at the moment. Dangerous lightning is ground strikes that equate out to wild fires.

Naturally oceans and seas will rise, as they are now, and so will rivers and lakes inland. Basins and areas where man has changed the course of the natural water ways will flood. Floods will more than likely be prevalent in areas of deforestation. Torrential rains will create mud slides in mountainous and hilly regions.

Other areas will dry up, making grasslands tinder. Drinking water as well as food will be scarce. Disease will be widespread, targeting everyone; particularly the young and old.

Science is studying forms of alternate energy now with the hope of repairing the damage that has been done to the atmosphere. However, since this change has begun, and it has, there is no going back. It’s very much like jumping off a building, you can not back up. We can only hope to ride the storm out now.

So where will this massive population go during this change? Just like all the computer models of what will happen, that will be anyone’s guess. Authority will not matter nor will boarders. The desire to survive will be the only authority that rules.

Over-populated cities will receive most of the migration. Make-shift shanties will spring up on the outskirts of anywhere people believe they can survive. Of coarse they will be without sanitation or clean drinking water, which will  breed more disease. There will be outcries for more medical attention, combined with an overwhelming need for other resources that will not be available. In the end man will survive, hopefully smarter and much wiser. The strong will survive but at a massive cost.

This thing called global warming may be a selective extinction to our way of life as we know it now. Nature will reclaim her territory, some cities will become dust, and some will provide breeding grounds for marine life. When all is said and done a balance will emerge.

We have polluted the skies, the ground; we have played gods in transforming our environment. Global warming may have been influenced by man or just a natural occurrence; either way, mankind is finding that we are not gods. We can not create food or shelter for the masses with a simple wave of the hand as this world of ours changes. There is only so much space that we can occupy on this planet.

So where will the multitudes of people go? Anywhere they can.