Should we Contact Aliens – Yes

Suppose there is hard evidence that an alien civilization exists, is it realistic to assume that we wouldn’t try to contact them?  Of course not, we would do everything in our power to try and contact them, not matter what anyone thinks!  And that is the reality of the question.  The bottom line is that it is just too alluring…..

SETI, or the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, has been going on now for decades, and it will probably keep going long after we’re gone from this earth.  Why is that?  Because the need to know is a basic driving force for mankind.  Curiosity is an element of intelligence, and though we can question our smarts sometimes, the fact remains that we’re just too curious about our universe. 

Are we alone in this vast cosmos?  Out of all of the trillions of stars and planets that exist, is it wise to assume that we are the only living creatures around?  Isn’t that somewhat big-headed of us to think that we are?  Or is it that life is just a rare astronomical anomaly, and we are the result.  If that were the case, then that would be such a mathematical rarity that it is hardly imaginable, let alone likely!

Well, if we aren’t the only ones in existence in our enormous universe, then why haven’t we been visited yet?  Who says we haven’t is the question.  More people believe in extraterrestrial life than don’t, and many believe in UFO’s.  Maybe the cultural shock is just too great for us to absorb right now?  The list of questions goes on and on, but we keep searching and searching……

Is there intelligent life looking up in their night sky, maybe even looking at our sun which looks just like a star to them, and wondering the same thing we wonder?  Does life exist around that star?  Are there people who live “out there”?  What is their life like?  Do they love and procreate?  Do they believe in a God, or higher power?  Sometimes it’s all too weird to even contemplate!

What will be our destiny if we meet?  Will we get along with an alien race?  I certainly hope so!  Maybe they will admit us into a “galactic neighborhood”, where we can learn how to travel amongst the stars.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!  Star trekking on a daily basis….sign me up!