Should Scientists be Allowed to Control the Weather – No

Scientists should not be playing God by manipulating the weather to divert hurricanes away from major cities. Many scientists and researchers have the ultimate goal of controlling the earth’s atmosphere as if it were a simple science experiment. or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is based in Alaska and is somewhat well-known amongst those who keep up with weather modification science studies. The HAARP program attempts to control the ionosphere of earth, which in the end equates to manipulation of weather.

If a hurricane is heading straight for the east coast of the United States, many would agree that diversion of the hurricane to another area is “saving lives.” But the problem is, scientists are diverting that storm somewhere else. They are sending the storm to farmers and rural residents. In essence, scientists are saying that others must die to save a higher number of lives.

This can be compared and contrasted with our military policies. No soldier is left behind. If the military adopted the policy of sending in one platoon to get massacred so the next three platoons can make a capture, then what kind of moral message is that sending? What kind of policy is this? It’s sending the message of a communist country’s policy. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few.”

If a hurricane is headed for major cities, people know well in advance to evacuate. They knew their homes were in a hurricane hot zone when they purchased them. Most importantly, what happens if scientists fail to divert the hurricane and cause more devastation?

Why should any person trust a “scientist” who is trying to engineer the atmosphere of the earth? Where are the studies that prove it is possible to divert a hurricane, much less effectively? If scientists can control the weather, then why can they not make it turn around, pushing it back into the great blue sea? It appears that these so-called scientists think they can bio-engineer the planet to their liking.

A scientist who claims he can push a hurricane toward a more rural area should take the next step and push the hurricane away from land period. If the technology to divert a hurricane from major cities exists, then why can a hurricane not be diverted so as to never hit a coast?

There are of course the moral questions of this technology. Bio-engineering of the planet could be the death of us all. These mad scientists are playing God, thinking they can “part the Red Sea.” In this case the Red Sea happens to be a hurricane. It is a disturbing thought as to what this kind of technology could do to the planet. The more we alter the earth’s natural state, the more unstable the biosphere becomes. We do not know the repercussions of manipulating weather.

Diverting hurricanes toward rural areas to save a bigger city is a horrible ethic. Plans are in place by FEMA to warn people days in advance to go inland. Free shelters are available, so those escaping the wrath of a hurricane can be safe. If people are being killed by hurricanes, then they are generally the ones that stay at home to “ride it out.” That is their choice, albeit a stupid one. A hurricane sent spiraling toward rural areas is not a choice. Destroying farmland, crops, and the livelihood of rural residents because major cities have people who refuse to take shelter is not the answer.

The most disturbing fact remains is why are scientists allowed to control weather. If this is the case, then why not create rain during a drought, or on the other hand stop too much rain? Why wait for a hurricane to alter the atmosphere and play God? Why not just start creating tornadoes on the enemy? Where will this diversion technology lead? Scientists need to learn to be stewards of nature, not modify our natural planet that is a delicate balance that should be left alone.