Scientists should be Allowed to Divert a Hurricane away from a Major City – Yes

Major cities are the financial hubs of a country from which it generates a great deal of revenue. City is a monetary support to country assets and forms the framework of developments in future. Whereas, rural areas are of less political and economical value and benefit an industrialized country by very small means. Only the supplies of food and raw materials are provide by the rural areas. Therefore, scientists must be given permission to guide hurricanes to rural areas to prevent the destruction of country’s commercial backbone and  to save its economy in a long term.

Furthermore, major cities are the monarch from where the country is governed. Most of the laws are made in courts over there as well as the issues and conflicts are solved there. Their destruction can cause political chaos and anarchy throughout the country.

Moreover, cities have got higher density of population than rural areas which contain numerous people in scattered areas. If a hurricane hits a village with less population, then less amount of medical and financial aids would be required and the recovery process can, as well, be done more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, rural residents can be informed about hurricanes and the areas would, then, be evacuated easily as the number of people living there is low.

Likewise, few roads and bridges are built along the rural areas, though cities have got utmost networks of roads and railway lines, big airports as well as massive infrastructures which are the foundation of developed country. Cities have got high density of expensive skyscrapers and hotels, albeit small houses are built in rural areas which are cheap and can be rebuild easily. If cities are not saved from the devastated results of hurricanes, the advancements that had been made so far in a city and that which are forthcoming would be endangered.

Despite this, God is an only source of enlightenment. If He transmits the knowledge of controlling hurricanes to human race, then it is their duty to use it wisely. And it is a wise act to attain less damage and gain more benefit. Protecting people by rerouting the hurricanes do not make the scientist the god, although it itself is a godly act and beneficial to mankind. That concludes that scientists should be given permission to redirect a hurricane from a major city to small villages, in order to avoid the losses of people on large-scales.