Should Humans Attempt to Contact Alien Civilizations – No

According to a number of sources such as New Age Spiritists and the UFO community, humans have already made contact with aliens. Spiritists claim that they communicate regularly with aliens or what they call “spirit guides” through mediums and channelors. The UFO community not only claims that there has been communication with aliens but that the aliens actually walk among us.

Should humans try to communicate with alien civilizations?

If there were alien civilizations with the technology necessary to overcome the obstacles of traveling the distance between their planet and ours we would have no choice. We would have to hope and pray that they would be benevolent because they would be so far advanced that we wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves against them.

However, According to NASA there are more than 400 known planets in our universe and none of them can sustain life due to their chemical composition and distance from their suns. Of course there is no doubt a multitude of others but so far it seems highly unlikely that they would be inhabited.

Alpha Centari is the closest solar system which is more than four light years from Earth. Even if light speed could be achieved, no living creature could survive such velocity. Even still, if it could be done it would take hundreds of years to traverse the distance through a massive amount of space debris. What could possibly be the motivation for such a thing?

However, there are a multitude of things in this universe that are far beyond the scope of our understanding such as space and time dimensions. Researchers have studied the UFO activity for decades and many of them are quite convinced that we are not alone in the universe. These are not simple-minded people. They are professional scientists.

Most of the scientists who have studied the UFO phenomena agree that these alien beings are not from outer space. They have never approached from outer space. They simply appeared from out of nowhere and when military fighters confront them they disappear into thin air and drop from the radar screen.

The alien crafts are capable of incredible speeds with no sonic boom and maneuver in ways that defy all physical laws. Therefore, the conclusion is that they are not physical but multidimensional. Somehow they are able to enter our dimension for a certain period of time then pop out.

Those who study these things believe these are demon spirits. This conclusion did not come from religious teachers or preachers. It is the opinion of many scientists who have studied them for years. The results of interacting with these beings and their crafts are the same as those described of demonic activity in many of the old spirits, ghosts, and goblins literature.

There are spiritists who contact the spirit world and communicate with entities they call sprit guides and many UFO researchers believe these spirit guides and the UFO aliens could be one and the same.

Should we try to communicate with them?

Alien civilizations are just that- alien. They are not like us. They are not human. Since they are not human they cannot understand what it is to be human. It takes one to know one. So the answer is quite obvious. Those who are trying to communicate with spirit beings (aliens) are undoubtedly communicating with demons.  

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph.6:12

Lastly, remember that evil is not necessary ugly. Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. One third of the heavenly angels fell with him. That’s probably several times the planet’s entire population.

Those who communicate with aliens are treading dangerous ground. Angels and demons possess power and capabilities that go far beyond what we can understand. They have been studying the human race for thousands of years.