Scientist Alien Civilizations may Live in Black Holes

Astonishingly advanced alien super-civilizations may dwell within gigantic black holes within the galactic nuclei!

So proclaims eminent astrophysicist and researcher Dr. Vyacheslav Dokuchaev at the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

“Advanced civilizations may live safely inside the super-massive black holes in the galactic nuclei without being visible from the outside,” the scientist has asserted.

How can this be?

The nature of a super-massive black hole lends itself to such a possibility. Dokuchaev argues that a category of black holes exist that almost defy physics as commonly understood. Some of those universal gravity holes have an extremely intricate gravitational architecture that permits for the possibility of all sorts of things—from elementary particles to whole planets—to safely orbit the hole’s dangerous singularity without falling into it.

Stephen Hawking has postulated that certain charged areas inside massive, rotating black holes—the type often found at the center of galaxies—could contain safe harbors where the titanic tidal forces inside the hole create placid eddies and currents permitting safe harbors for particles such as photos to avoid the monstrous singularity at the heat of the hole. Such safe harbors would provide regions of stable periodic orbit pathways.

Studying the physics of black holes with such properties, Dokuchaev has shown mathematically those stable orbital planes within the hole are non-equatorial. He believes such regions would also be brightly illuminated by both the trapped photons and the singularity. In essence, planets in those regions would be lit and warmed by artificial micro-stellar objects: stars.

The Cauchy horizon

Inside a black hole the dynamics of the normal universe change radically. Beyond a black hole’s event horizon an inner horizon may exist in certain types of holes. That inner boundary is known as the Cauchy horizon. It can affect both space and time.

Cauchy horizon’s inside charged, rotating black holes can support large, orbiting planets that could be inhabited by super-civilizations utilizing them to effectively hide from the rest of the physical universe. Like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, the advanced alien races could use such cloaked and secret outposts for experiments unaffected by the constraints of normal physical laws.

Of course such regions would be exposed to massive gravitational tidal forces and perhaps bizarre time anomalies as well.

Additionally, some research papers such as “Inside charged black holes II. Baryons plus dark matter,” Andrew J. S. Hamilton, Scott E. Pollack (JILA, U. Colorado) have led to speculation that other physicists like Nikodem Poplawski may be right and in such black holes the creation of “baby” universes within the contained singularity becomes possible.

If such is the case, super-civilizations could inhabit those holes specifically to experiment with the physics and dynamics of proto-universes.