Shopping the Blues away

I am under a lot of stress. I have to do something to relieve that stress. There must be something. I know! So just give me a credit card and stand back while I clean out every store in sight. Prepare to take a second and possibly a third mortgage out on the house to pay the bill. Seriously, you’re going to have to.

Impulse buys easily turn into panic buys for me. It helps my mood a great deal. I am only going to buy the necessities. I need groceries, and you can never have too much shampoo. As I walk through the store I begin to find all sorts of things that I must have. Not that I have to have them in reality. Wait!

Those boots will look great on me. I have to have that blouse. The baby will look so cute in this dress. I have to buy it.

Wandering around store after store can have a calming effect. After a while you can get lost in your own thoughts. It is comforting to feel the satisfaction of leaving the store with a car load of goodies.

While I wander around the store I find two dozen or more things that I did not even realize I needed. I immediately grab them and throw them in the cart. I am satisfied when I can fit no more in the cart.

There is a clearance rack! Clearance prices mean you can buy twice as much at least. Its o.k. because of how much you saved. Seriously, clearance racks mean that you can buy sometimes four times as much as you normally would. The best part is that there is no guilt to go with the purchases!

Well, not completely but I am no longer depressed. I can not fit anything else since I did not bring anyone with me to push a second cart. Now it is time to face the checkouts and find out just how much damage I have done.

Wow! I must stop going to the store unattended. Oh well, I will feel much better once I am home and have this all unloaded. Shopping is a great way to chase the blues away. Now if I just had a bigger vehicle to haul it all in. Would it be going overboard to rent a moving van so I can buy more?

The next time you get stressed remember shopping is the best solution to get rid of those blues that come with it.