Sergeant Clifford Stone

There are 57 alien species total to have visited our planet, as claimed by Sergeant Clifford Stone at a Disclosure Project Conference held back in 2001. -?! I can’t name 57 species of animals. Can you? But, I do feel comforted that this fact, were it true, would explain the peculiar behavior displayed by my ex-husband. Oh-ho yes, he could very well be an additional undocumented alien species. How would one go about contacting the government, so as to offer up my ex for evaluation? Were this true, couldn’t we result to the Salem Witch Hunt mentality all over again? If so, do indeed assure to seek out my ex; I shall disclose his address in private, so as to not alert him to my intentions.

I suppose an important question would be, can they, fix the economy? Are we not interested in learning about them because we can’t imagine what others would have to offer us as the heirs of this planet? We cannot even get along with other countries and their immigrants. If they did help us, would it not be liken to expecting a 2 year-old to safely drive an automobile? Ah, but it seems that a counsel has already taken the question to heart and answered it, with figures. Its far beyond layman’s understanding, one might as well ask how to make the color red out of a solid wooden yo-yo.

A documentary recently re-aired on public television claiming the Flying Saucers were indeed of human creation. The 2005 footage production with Nick Cook is claimed to have been filmed decades ago during testing. A website listing this and numerous articles is: This specific documentary spoke of a secret CIA department, which acted as an instigator of Psychedelic Hysterics. These individuals would go to a crash site and scare people into thinking the crafts were filled alien, so no one would know the government was testing this type of aircraft. Everything seemed so believable on that end of the belief spectrum as well. By the time the documentary was ended, I was convinced we had built them. Perhaps this claim was to thwart attention from Sergeant Clifford Stone?

People shouldn’t stress over things they cannot prove beyond a doubt. Was Stone on Prescription medicines? 57 species seems quite grand. Let the reader be aware that the statistic for insanity is ever climbing at an alarming rate. With the unhealthy products we unleash into the environment and the chemicals we directly pump into our blood stream, this current ratio is no surprise. Clearly the human body today is alien in composition, in comparison to our ancestors. The brain is a toxic dump.

Examine the fear surrounding the mere concept of aliens. Considering the frustrating, illegal aliens don’t pay taxes. If aliens aren’t living at the bottom of the ocean, -another Legend, long ago rumored,- shall we go and seek them out at the doorstep of every family on the planet? A committee could lead with the precognition that only an alien would believe in himself. He would agree, not to finger himself, as that would be foolish, but to direct the suspicion toward someone else, probably someone who shirked him in the past.

Had aliens ever declared war? Is the Antichrist to come from them? Some Spiritual Groups do indeed believe Alien Souls inhabit Earthlings. It is no doubt some radical new religious group would be interested in attaining direct involvement. Perhaps this claim is no more than a cry for attention for someone who has a fondness for the old days. Maybe a diversion, intended to draw people aware from the humdrum of their own misery during trying times. But this little group had no creativity or security in societal issues of modern times. Our world has had its Witch Hunts, its fear of vampires, then Y2K also just an illusion. This issue too shall die out with the dawn of a new era. Either way, like all the people of the past who became outspoken with such claims, I would say, in these trying times, it does assure a current paycheck with taxpayers’ money!