Science Reveals Truth

Science is often dismissed because truth is not considered by most people to be synonymous with theory. Because science seeks to always stay open to new explanations, theories are not considered as fact.  That said, there are not many people who question whether the sun will come up tomorrow, or that a ball thrown into the air will respond to the theory that gravity will pull it back down to earth.

Still, science is a search for truth. And the truth that science seeks to find is found in nature’s laws. Truth and science walk hand in hand because Science is self correcting. The difference between what people base on faith, and what is proven through science, makes science more reliable. An idea, no matter how unpleasant, can be verified through science.  Science is not a popularity contest.

Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is a good example. People, even more so now than in the nineteenth century, are not pleased to find that as human beings they are no more special in the “natural order” of things than other primates. However, once accepting that humans are kin to all animals, and even all organisms, people who admit they are primates are free to realize that they are not alone in belonging to Earth. All life is family, and preserving family is of great benefit to a sustainable, wondrous world.

They can also know that they are the only species blessed with written language and abstract thought. This makes them capable of not only learning more about how all living systems work, but more too, about the importance of protecting all living systems to sustain one another. Nature is astonishing, and not a bad system of which to be a part. And science is a process that reveals that.

Liberation from oppression of authority is also entirely dependent upon people knowing the reality of how things work, and not just because an appointed “authority” says so. When Galileo was tried as a heretic for insisting that the motions of the planets orbited the sun, he had the conviction of what he knew in his own mind to be the truth. Although he lived under house arrest, his mind was free due to the self evident consensus of the the planetary bodies whirling in their orbits far beyond the tiny world of clerical “truth.”

The truth of climate change is similar. Detached from the heated political rantings and rage of politics and vested interests, science stays cool and collected about the over whelming amount of incoming data. There are after all, few (if any?) climatologists, biologists, ecologists, Eco-psychologists, engineers, or others, who have monetary interests at risk should it be found that global climate change were not real. On the other hand, those with a demonstrable livelihood, or who gain from keeping fuel “dirty” can not be relied upon for factual evidence. Their opinions are all they have, and opinions have long been known by science to not be very reliable.

Science is a process that also ensures ever greater discovery will result in ever expanding curiosity. Science and technology together, build ships to the stars, but also microscopes to reveal smaller worlds of wonder. Innovation, where not always perfect, strives toward ever better use of resources. Not every ship is the Titanic, the Hindenburg or  the Challenger.  Nor is every engine a cotton gin to spread slavery or an internal combustion engine that ultimately results in global warming. But these are still of value, since what they teach about what does NOT work is perhaps even more valuable than what does. Science is always updating itself, to find better answers.

Science, in a relentless pursuit of truth, reveals in the long view high quality intelligence that serves higher purpose. For example, even the advent of agriculture and its cost to hunter gatherer independent lifestyles, is now researched due to new evidence in archaeology, anthropology, invention, industry and more.  The more science learns about ancient culture, the more they can dismiss about ancient astronauts, flaky theories based on fluff, and contaminated notions influenced by nonsense.

Science helps ensure that young people can better their lives and their world by learning more about math and science. Removing fear and superstition is one way this occurs, understanding human psychology and gullibility is another. Finding solutions for a supportive and sustainable human relationship with living systems is yet another benefit.  Learning how the world works and what it will take for people to find infinite, renewable energy, abundant food and public policy that benefits the whole is also the job of science.

The truth is, Science, is truly awesome.