Ways in which Truth and Science Walk Hand in Hand

Science and truth are very closely intertwined.  Truth is what occurs in the universe and why.  Science is the pursuit of truth and the use of helpful knowledge.  Without truth, science cannot exist.  Without science, truth has no purpose in a society. 


It can be said that the truth is simply an honest description of reality. There is an ongoing philosophical debate on whether truth is what actually occurs, or if it is what is perceived.  If one assumes that truth is what actually occurs in the universe, one cannot assume that anything considered fact is true.  If one assumes that what is perceived as truth is what actually occurs in the universe, one can make further assumptions based on what is known.  With this, logic can be created.  With a system of advanced reasoning such as logic, one can make rational assumptions about how the universe must be.  This collection of facts is known as the truth.  Their uncovering through experimentation and practical application is what is known as science.


Science uses the truth to make an educated guess about how something functions.  This guess is called a hypothesis.  A scientist then designs a trial to test his hypothesis.  Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to completely prove that a hypothesis is the one and only truth on the matter.  When a hypothesis is disproved, it is called incorrect.  When a hypothesis cannot be disproved, it is assumed to be the truth.  These assumed facts are then grouped into different categories.  For example, the truth about motion is grouped into physics, the truth about living organisms is grouped into biology, and the truth about outer space is made into astronomy.  The truth one perceives is tested and possible disproved science.  One assumes that what cannot be called false is the truth.

One of the main points here is that everything people call fact is the assumed truth.  Science and religion are the most accepted versions of the story of how the universe functions.  Neither divine beings nor hypotheses can be totally proven fact.  However, if one assumes that the way surroundings are perceived is the truth, then science is the logic-based explanation and advancement of these discoveries.  Science relies on facts to create and attempt to disprove hypotheses.  Truth can only be furthered by the perception of new phenomena and the pursuit of knowledge through experimentation.  The truth people experience and science go hand in hand.