Safe Water Saving Water

“It is not whether we have enough clean, safe water to drink. It is can we afford to pay for clean portable water?”
With the whole world facing so many environmental issues and also economical ups and downs, there is no chance for the people worldwide to have enough clean and safe water to drink.
Environmental destruction of mother earth by modern industries, reduction of the natural land of the forests and pollutions to the rivers and seas, had already reduced our source of natural drinking water.
In the world right now, it is now that there is not enough safe water to drink. It is just that the cost of purifying the water is too high. In the third world countries of today, people are poor and their standard of livings does not allow them to afford clean and safe water.
Looking around the major cities of today, many of us do have the luxury of getting portable water off from the taps. This is because we can afford the money to buy in purified water. Not only that we have enough water to drink, we have enough to even filled up swimming pools for swimming, wash our cars with fresh clean water, soak ourselves in bath tubs and much more water wastage actions.
With our lifestyle, we never really thought when we turn on the tap. The amount of water that is used to filled up the bathtub maybe about 250 litres can allow a man to survive for 125 days base on 2 litres of water per day. That is a good 4 months supply of water.
It is not really of whether people in the worldwide have enough clean water. It is more like all the people in the world can afford clean water.
With the recent disaster in Myanmar, we able to see that many countries assisted in bringing it water purifying products to help them attain portable water.
The technology in water purifications in terms of using chemicals, desalinisation, reverse osmosis and other methods are getting cheaper. But the statement is still whether people can afford them.
It seems like many of us only help others when disaster hits them. Not many of us will supply water purifications to people in need at normal circumstances. We only lend out our hand when we see the less fortunate in the news.
For third world country citizens, they don’t have the luxury of buying water. So opting water supply via Mother Nature is their only source cause it’s free! If only we can bring the glaciers and put in the bucket before it melts into the sea. We might be able to store enough to provide third world countries for many many years.