Real – Real

The inflation of space-time from a zero-dimensional state at the initial singularity was universal time=0. The implicit expansion of the dimensions of space-time implicitly associated with mass-energy are what they are. The physical topology of the Universe is not relative and hence neither is time as a field of spatial scale of the Universe. Einstein’s special relativity concerned motion through space-time as variable and contingent upon the reference frame of the observer. Different universal lines-of travel through the mass-energy field would have differing space-time reference values of experience obviously, and time taken out of context might then be considered to be relative. Sentient observation of motion in the universe place different values upon the space-time field of the universe. Space-time as a complex function of the configuration of mass and energy in the dimensional field.

We believe that mass and energy are real and the dimension that is time. Though time may vary in relation to the configuration of mass, energy and the manner in which one perceives and journeys through mass and energy fields, it is defeatist to call it just existentially ‘relative’ snd not in some way a function of a given coordinate in the absolute space of the Universe1 in which we exist. If there is a perturbative vacuum that gives rise to the production of Universes perhaps with the Word of God sending frequencies into a zero-dimensional membrane at some point, we yet believe that if places exist in relation to other that have a protocol in order then an associated time value exists as well.

Implicitly assumed is the concept that mass energy constituents of the universe will not expand along with space-time and keep the same values at any point in the expansion of the universe space-time dimensions in the future. If the scale of mass-energy quanta are the same since the annihilation of anti-matter then they differ from the dimensions that are expanding. If they are expanding too or will expand ti fit the larger universe at some point the that phase change would shift space-time values in a relative yet perhaps unnoticeable way. Yet because mass-energy is disassociating its initial concentration of low entropy towards a singularity and gas room to expand, it cannot necessarily be assumed that space-time is expanding along with it as far as associated dimensions go rather than the opposite point of view an absolute space may have always existed of which the mass-energy expansion is phenomenal and without relation to space-time itself.

to reiterate some more standard concepts…Time really seems to be relative, and relatively real. Time is considered to be unified with space in the modern context, and hence is called space-time. One may as well ask if space is real or relative…the density of space does seem to vary within gravitational fields where it is more or less compressed, folded or spindled.

Because time and space are treated as a unified field by contemporary physicists several questions arise about the relationships of space and time to mass and energy.

When time and space are more concentrated within specific gravitational fields the comparative duration or dimensional extension of disparate space-time locales differs intrinsically unless the implicit values of space-time concentration for two comparative places are of the same value or ‘density’.

It is travel at particular speeds or acceleration within space-time that change the comparative passage of space-time between a moving object and a stationary point, generally, and exception being black holes for which all but three values are unknown.

Space and time have a unified value such that if one travels through space then time passes more slowly than if one doesn’t compared to the non-traveling object and vice versa.

The information that can be put into any given volume of space is thought to be limited to the surface area of the volume. This evidently is because concentrating information in some mass area as information at the most dense levels would produce so much gravity eventually that a black hole would form and no information would escape it’s ‘event horizon’ or surface volume. That concept is predicated upon the principal that any given area of space-time invariably must have a gravitational field, and perhaps that space-time itself has a gravitational field even though it may or may not be of zero-mass itself.

In a given volume of space-time without a gravitational field barring other repulsive forces such as might create a hyper-inflating field for itself at super-luminal speeds an infinite amount of information may be stored, perhaps. An infinite amount of information in an infinitely small space does seem imponderable yet that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

The space-time of the Universe may allow space-time to slip into the scuppers of extra-dimensions deleting certain amount of time from the universe, perhaps that’s a cause for the accelerating speed of expansion of the space-time of the Universe today. It is possible that gravity may exist in more than the four dimensions of space-time, and it may have an alternate dimensional time-field associated with alternate dimensional gravitational fields in the space of other dimensions than those of the standard known Universe. The relationship of space-time in Universe1 to sub prime Universe1 values without apparent possibility of interaction as a traversable field lends a time ‘mortgage’ to extra-dimensional borrowers (dimensions) that may or may not return in space time at ‘bookmarked’ locations in the University in what would inevitably be ‘the past’. The Uncertainty principle acting upon space-time in extra dimensions would want an information ‘data bank’ of information of an infinite and predetermined rate of all possible yet selected values such that the right of return of elements of space-time would not conflict with existing standard dimensional manifestations of space-time. Information in dimensional constructs should be traversable superluminally by information unrestricted by gravitational field values.

Augustine and believers in Big Bang theory tend to believe that time was created simultaneously with space from nothing, in a beginning. Since the end of Newtonian mechanics’ basis for popular cosmology and its replication by post-Riemannian non-Euclidian geometries the warped nature of space-time relations has brought an awareness of the differential rates (relativity) of time in the phenomenal Universe. If one travels in one course through space-time one can experience more or less passage of time than another in the same ‘absolute’ time interval…there just isn’t an absolute time yardstick ‘out there’ it seems.

God too created the Universe ex nihilo by ‘saying the word’ for a hyper-inflation of the clump of dimension or whatever borrowing form from an abstract spiritual fact to become membranes or zero-dimensional loops expanding faster than light until the physics settled down enough to allow matter to dominate over anti-matter in the original cage match of sub-atomic particles determining the fate of the Universe to a certain extent. The creation made time happen then along with space. As the space-time evolves through different configurations and densities increasing in size generally human perceptions of the passage of time move along in that unified field and note the motion of its passing on. Because humans can recognize motion or change in the mass-energy fields of the Universe the experience of time passing in possible.

Cosmologists recognized that an absolute Universal time did not exist across the Universe after the changes of general relativity were published and considered. A meta-time bigger than the Universe could contain the entire Universe as a sort of sub-time event of course so no matter what happened in the Universe the extra-Universal time clock still ticks on keeping track of all the wild warped time doings ‘down there’ in our Universe.

That notion probably is not right of course, nor would it have been necessary for God to have built a bigger than the Universe time-keeping system to have given laws of physics, space- or schedules of the existence of this Universe I think-God’s personal timepiece in some better than any singularity conceivable container of everything that exists in the way of knowledge and possible universes probably may not have a definite Universal time clock starting in eternity and ending in eternity as a set thing…instead its all infinite and more troublesome to comprehend, especially if one has limited time to contemplate with.

The concept of quantum cosmology that the Universe borrowed its existence from nothing as a virtual particle might is intriguingly similar to quantum superposition in physics along the world-line contexts of quantum uncertainty. Because God is omnipotent and contains all possibilities of even those things not actualized it has a beauty to it that the Universe too has a parallel theological/quantum construction.

Time or space-time that is intrinsically bound up in the fabric of reality following the ordination of boundary contexts of the creation may permit a phenomenal and meta space-time structure of pre-determined symmetry violations regarding the beginning and the end of the flow of space time-who can say?

John D. Barrows’ -‘New Theories of Everything’-2007, has more on the subject of space-time theories, contexts and universal paradigms.