Is String Theory the End of Science

String theory isn’t the end of knowledge. The word science does itself mean knowledge. Knowledge is a perennial quest by those without omniscience for perfect understanding of everything. String theory is a useful tool for advancing scientific comprehension of quantum gravity and other extra-dimensional explanations for the physical forces of the universe.

Tests for quantum gravity in another very small dimension are presently underway. If most of gravitational force occurs in an extra small dimension it could explain why it is a strong large scale concatenated on mass yet the most weak force in space-time of the four fundamental physical forces. The Official String web site

Superstring theory supports M-theory and the theories of branes of various dimensions supposed to interact in some way with the standard four dimensions of this universe (A) as essential phenomenal appearances of being. M-Theory and superstring theories are interesting hypothetical explananda for the appearance of matter attached to a scalar field that entails the creation of space-time mass and energy.

Evidently a Higgs field of some improbably singular virtual infinitely small size weighing perhaps less than 20 pounds according to Brian Green in ‘The Fabric of the Universe’ expanded faster-than-light for a Pico second-a very small fraction of a second in inflation of space time from a singularity to more than 300,000 light years across. This scalar field inflation of a Higgs field resulted from quantum uncertainty creating for that pico second a force of tremendous repulsion expanding space-time…thereafter the inertia of the universe kept expanding the scalar field of space-time outward and outward to its present size.

Superstring theory has yielded the concept that the observable universe posited to be about 13.5 billion years old and still growing at a faster rate because of some mysterious repulsive dark energy may be just a part of an infinite universe with unlimited numbers of island universe in various forms with various combinations of dimensions and physical constants yielding different combinations of physical laws. The string theories are mathematical methods of renormalizing infinities and making consistent theories developed to explain the observable data of this universe…yet is it a true theory or just another building block to explain universal macro and micro-physics so far as possible?

Einstein noted that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. The convertible values of mass and energy coupled with observable characteristics and values of the universe factored with inertia or the characteristics of things in motion to stay in motion at constant rates unless acted upon by other forces gives a wide range of analytical tools for deliberating upon the eventual fate of this universe in the context of it’s physical character.

The way in which super-string theories will relate to unified field theories of absolute monism will be interesting to observe as physicists continue research over time. The logical concept of the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus that a monistic Creator named ‘The One’ gave rise to emanations that produced the Intelligence and in turn eventually forms and a material universe is a classical philosophical notion that seems to have value in considering the probability that one absolute trans-universal monism includes all of the pluralist appearances of strings, dimensions and universes. The Creator of all universes is adimensional an eternal, while space-time universes are temporal and found to have definite dimensions of at least four (or perhaps fewer) and as many as ten (or perhaps more). Space-time seem to unfold in a particular direction coupled to complexity and the conservation of energy, and time itself may have a sort of inertia not unlike the spin or angular momentum that brings most galactic formations to spin shaped initial from clouds of dust or particles.