Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible – No

The question is presented “Is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible?” and it is very intriguing. When pondering the thought it almost causes the mind to stagger. Let us first understand that theory is not absolute, it is an observation, a speculation or in layman’s terms a guess. Nonetheless there are certain phenomena that we encounter on a daily basis which when observed, can help us to come to a more quantified rational answer.

First of all time is a linear measurement, it has a start and a finishing point. Time can be wasted, it can be used effectively but it cannot be turned back. Turning back time would be like putting a DVD in reverse. As the DVD reverses, you can watch the time-stamp and the video cue in reverse. Unfortunately you and I find ourselves moving forward in the measurement known as time and everything in creation is bound by it. Whether it be material, or invisible to the naked eye, all things are under the auspices of time. From the moment a woman conceives, there is a process of time that must be accomplished before the child is ready to be born. Imagine you and I standing in the middle of a linear plateau, to the rear was time past and in the front time future. Both distances would last for an eternity or infinity, we could travel in either direction but time will continue to move forward.

Allow me to bring light into the equation which is one of the most fascinating phenomena known to man. Light travels at approximately one hundred and ninety eight thousand miles per second. Light travels at a speed that is faster than the blinking of an eye, yet even it is bound by time. Consider the 2nd closest star to earth “Proxima Centurai” which is 4 light years away. If a light year is the distance that light can travel in one calendar years time frame.

Lets do some math:

1 Min= 60 seconds
60 Min are in an hour which= 3,600 seconds
One day is 24 hrs which= 86,400 seconds

86,400 x 365= 31,536,000 or Thirty one million, five hundred and thirty six thousand seconds in a year.

Lets continue:

Now, how far would light travel in a year? let us multiply 31,536,000 x 198,000. This would equal 6,244,128,000,000 or Six quadrillion, two hundred and forty four trillion, one hundred and twenty eight billion miles.
So to travel to Proxima Centurai multiply that number by four and get a staggering 24,976,512,000,000 or Twenty four quadrillion, nine hundred and seventy six trillion, five hundred and twelve billion miles to get there.

So, when you and I gaze into the sky at night and see the twinkling of the stars we are literally looking at light that was emitted from a star that has probably burned out long ago. Although light travels at breath-taking speed, throw space into the equation and light has to bow to time. Consider the Milky Way galaxy which is 150,000 light years in diameter! Or the Andromeda galaxy which is 2.3 million light years away. To just imagine man spanning the celestial heavens is unthinkable imagine the time that it would take. Multiply those two numbers by 6,244,128,000,000 and that would give you the distance in miles!. Your calculator would reflect some numbers that are just ridiculous, and your brain has probably begun to stagger.

The question presented was “Is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible” I say to consider it from a very serious standpoint is ridiculous. You cannot escape time, bypass time, or manipulate time. There are no cosmic tears in the heavens that we could slip into and find ourselves back in 500 B.C. or the year 3,000 A.D. It may be a great thought, and yes it is intriguing, but it is physically impossible.

One last scenario:

Fiber Optics has enabled us to communicate over very long distances more effectively because data can now be sent in streams or bursts of light. One person can be in Korea and the other in the U.S. talking real time with no delays. Although the clock and calendar times are different we are communicating at the same time, it may be more time efficient but we would not be literally talking back into time. If that were the case I should be able to place a phone call into 2010, or back into 1971. I will however throw a curve ball. Imagine a radio wave message (which travels at the speed of light) being sent to Proxima Centurai. If it was sent in 2008 it would reach the destination in about 2012 and the receiver would then be receiving a message from the past.