Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible – No

In all Actuality I’m not very well versed in Physics. All I really know is what I’ve learned the 3 quarters I’ve taken it in high school. However, from my understanding and what I’ve discussed with my teacher and read in fabric of the cosmos; time travels in a linear motion.

Time and Space are intertwined thus creating space-time, and seeing as time is affected by how fast we move (eg. The faster you move the slower time goes) I don’t think you can reverse this process. I’m just touching lightly in this topic but so far we would have to eliminate motion from the equation which is impossible because all motion is relative. It just seems like you would have to stop the entire universe in order to travel backwards in time and even still there is no such thing as moving backwards, because backwards motion is still technically just moving, which means it’s a motion forward through time.

Answer this question is you will; if you walk forward lets say three steps, and then you walk backwards exactly the same way placing your foot in the exact same spot as before and moving your leg perfectly reverse to what you just did, would you call that taking back motion? Or would you call it making a new motion, mirror to the one you made a few second ago? An egg will break but it will never unbreak, unless you record it and play it in reverse but that’s a completely different scenario.

One more fact of the matter is gravity. Gravity has an effect on time and how fast we travel forward through it, so not only would you have to reverse motion itself, but the effects of gravity as well? This about it, what helps hold us together as molecules? Don’t you think reversing gravity may just blast our bodies into nothingness? Seriously there are so many factors playing into this it’s almost not even worth while.

So I may not be making the most sense on my side of the argument but what more would you like from a junior in high school? The point I’m trying to make is in order to travel backwards no forward motion is allowed and all motion is a forward one. Short sweet an to the point, thank you for you time.